El Chapo will most likely get LESS time than Ross Ulbricht. Let that sink in.


  1. ImRedditNow


    1. There’s no way El Chapo will get out. It’s the USA. They’re sending him to ADX Florence. He’s gonna die in there

    2. Why should we free the owner and operator of a black market? Just because the site used bitcoin? I’m really curious, I’d like to know the details of why he deserves to be released. Was he wrongfully convicted?

  2. Akoustyk


    That list looks like a list of people that cooperated with police and got off easy because of it, and the head of the whole thing got what he deserved.

    I don’t think this looks like Ross should have a more lenient sentence, but everyone else should have had a harsher one.

    I can only guess it must be because they gave information that helped them convict Ross, or find him or both, as well as tip themmoff to all sorts of other things for the operation.

    That would let law enforcement put a bigger sent in their operations, rather than just put one guy in jail, and have him replaced immediately.

  3. **Judge:** For stealing that car, 50 years! For raping that woman, 100 years! For carrying a knife, 75 years! For running from the police, 20 years!

    **Defendant:** But your honor, I can’t do that much time!

    **Judge:** Do what you can, son, do what you can.

    US law doesn’t care that you won’t be able to do the time. It is pretty binary in that each crime carries a sentence and each sentence is expected to be served. Each prisoner is expected to do what he can. No need to serve it all.

    Not sure if it’s true, but I once heard that in San Quentin and Folsom, prisoners who died before finishing their sentence were buried in the prison graveyard until their sentence had expired, only then was their body given to their family. Not sure if that was true or not.

  4. ResponsiblePain


    Everyone on that list got way leas time because they all cooperated against Ross.. also the government wanted to make an example out of ross. This was the first time the government felt really stupid and also powerless for a long time against the drug trade. It also didnt help that ross was extremely arrogant til the end, acting like he did nothing wrong and would win his case

  5. montyprime


    Because they only needed to prove enough to keep el chapo in prison until he dies.

    With Ross they wanted to come down hard on people doing crimes over the internet trying to be anonymous. So they wanted to charge everything they could and test it all in court.

    Their sentences are effectively the same, as they both will die in prison.

  6. i7Robin


    Are there any merits to claims that he hired a hitman to kill FriendlyChemist, someone on silkroad who said they would leak personal info on thousands of silkroad users unless paid 500k. I’ve never seen this discussed in our weekly Ross posts.

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