Twitter boss names Elon Musk as his favourite tweeter despite multiple scandals – Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder, believes the Tesla billionaire is “solving existential problems and thinking openly”.


  1. agha0013


    “despite multiple scandals” which increased re-tweets and responses, increased overall traffic, and helped make this guy more money, of course he loves controversy.

    Trump is probably another one he loves for the same reasons, but he won’t say it out loud.

  2. Qubeye


    Musk’s scandals were him being a douche.

    Musk’s successes were him trying to better the world.

    Dorsey’s successes were him creating a morally bankrupt media platform.

    Dorsey’s scandals were him selling people’s personal data.

    The real story here is why the fuck do we care what Jack Dorsey thinks at all. Being rich doesn’t make your opinions important.

  3. ADC343


    While I disagree with what Elon said about that diver, I am 100% certain he may be the only person capable of changing the status quo here in America. He’s making real progress toward a completely new era for mankind and at times feels like he’s somewhat alone in his journey. I can forgive him for things he has said, I am more focused on whether or not he has enough time left in his life to make the impacts he has planned on paper right now.

  4. People will completely disagree with me, but when I listened to him on Joe Rogans podcast, he gave me the impression that he puts on this front of being super intelligent, but he most likely just has a good idea and absolutely no technical knowledge of how to make it happen. He relies solely on other people. Kind of a Steve Jobs type situation.

    He just had all these long pauses after a question and then his answers either were super basic, made no sense, or he just rambled on to some other subject to avoid actually answering.

    I had to stop after an hour. Joe slobbering on his dick was partially to blame for that as well.

  5. Altaira99


    Wired magazine did a good article on Musk this month. He’s a horrible, abusive boss/big thinker focused on important problems Hyde/Jekyll kind of guy. He’d make a great super villain, with his satellites and space ships.

  6. monchota


    Here come all the comments belittling all Elon Musk has done and is doing because they will never do anything. One person many times in history has changed everything for good and bad. You can say he has money that’s why he does what he does. He made all that money him self and has always had a plan to better humanity. Is he a saint? No and neither are you. Before you judge Elon Musk , look in a mirror and ask what your doing to help the world? Are you a perfect person , who never make mistakes? I bet its going to be not much and no your not. So before you jump on the Elon Musk hate machine because its what the rest of the sheep are doing, ask your self a few questions and see if your not just part of the problems he’s trying to solve.

  7. Unclehouse2


    Just because somebody takes a few wrong steps, doesn’t make them a bad person. I can forgive all the bullshit Elon has said because overall, he’s doing great work that our governments should be fucking doing.

  8. its_Lucifer


    I think it’s pretty tragic that people who sit at home behind a computer judge another person so critically over SMALL mistakes they have made while completely disregarding all the good they have done.

    Have you not made mistakes?
    Are you some perfect entity that we should all worship and use as a role model?

  9. ChornWork2


    That about sums up twitter… best user is part-troll being sued for false claims he made on twitter and sanctioned for potential securities fraud made over twitter. Great stuff.

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