Will Privacy Coins (e.g. Monero, ZCash, PIVX) still hold their value if exchanges are pressured to delist them?


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  1. PokerPancake


    Surprising the majority of people in this thread are saying no. I think it they would absolutely tank.

    Crypto is so heavily influenced by news like that and I think it’s insane that some people in this thread think it would actually increase.

    You also have to remember that being delisted from an exchange like Binance will kill volume for a lot of coins. Volume is what drives price and if no one can buy or sell it will go into the abyss.

    Lots of mentions of decentralised exchanges which is fine, but if a delisting happened tomorrow you can expect huge dumps.

    Ask yourself this. If you had inside knowledge that a major privacy coin was being delisted from a major exchange, would you load up in anticipation of the news going public? 100% no. You would likely look to short it or offload any that you hold.

  2. These coins will still hold their value (for the record PIVX is not even worth considering, it is nowhere in the league of Monero or Zcash, but that’s a different story).


    There will *always* be a demand for privacy, hence these coins will always have some value to someone. Pressuring exchanges to delist these coins won’t do anything because money would just flow to the decentralized exchanges (which are getting easier and easier to use).

  3. phobosbtc


    The Major exchanges already don’t list them, there will always be exchanges out of reach of regulators that will never delist due to pressure.

    A bigger concern is the bigger exchanges being pressured to not accepting mixed bitcoins. Properly mixed BTC is more anon than most privacy coins right now. Everyone should be using Wasabi wallet.

  4. K_Mbappe21


    LOL at all the people shilling DEXs

    Liquidity on those exchanges is so small compared to centralised exchanges. Even IDEX which is a ”DEX” does not have a lot of volume on there and is still too complicated to use for newbies

  5. lj26ft


    I think it’s an inevitability that exchanges will start to delist privacy coins especially in the US. The political environment surrounding them doesn’t bode well, uncle Sam has a hate boner for them because it allows everyone to side step the US’s favorite tool of financial sanctions in a US centric financial system. It may have a negative impact on them in the near term but it should accelerate adoption of decentralized exchanges

  6. Elean0rZ


    I think it’s pretty inevitable that we’ll end up with a two-tiered structure in crypto, with a regulated/mainstream category that achieves wide(ish)spread adoption while at the same time, in some respects, selling out the original ideas of crypto; and then an un-regulated/illegal/dark category, which appeals to the harder-core idealists and believers (and, yes, probably criminals too). The question is, will the potential illegality of privacy coins hurt their value or enhance it? To me it’s like illegal file sharing–yes it’s illegal, but it’s also still common, so I don’t think the demand for privacy coins will suddenly dry up. If anything, a harsh crackdown by regulators might drive more people to ‘join the resistance’ and use privacy coins.

    This line of thinking was front and center in last year’s [Satis Report](https://research.bloomberg.com/pub/res/d37g1Q1hEhBkiRCu_ruMdMsbc0A)–which, to be clear, I’m not endorsing one way or the other; just pointing out that the case has been made before.

    There’s also a whole other side to this, involving countries with unstable/corrupt governments and weak or arbitrary regulation. The demand for privacy coins in such places may sustain markets even if markets in developed nations dry up.

    So, yeah, I would expect that most growth will take place in the mainstream, regulated sector, but that doesn’t mean that demand for privacy coins will disappear. There probably isn’t a place for dozens of different privacy coins, but the good ones (like the ones you listed) will likely be fine.


  7. Aspected1337


    People will always find ways around these barriers. If Binance and other major exchanges delists Monero then more awareness will be spread around the fact that the government is corrupt and even more adoption will happen. I think that the government knows this and they do not wanna do anything stupid like that.


    That being said I hope that privacy becomes a measurement of safety acting as a layer of security rather than a definite reason for people to kidnap wives & threatening to kill them unless they receive funds in Monero.

  8. turtleflax


    Yes because demand stays the same while supply is either unaffected or reduced. DEX adoption is growing and banning the most prominent subsection of crypto would only light a bigger fire under that initiative. Some like PIVX even have their own DEX

    As I’ve said before, privacy coins are the hill to die on if you believe in crypto. If you think exchange regulations and other laws surrounding privacy crypto are dangerous, wait until you see what can be done with transparent coins. [We’ve already seen addresses sanctioned](https://bitcoinist.com/us-sanctions-first-bitcoin-addresses/). If they can blacklist your coins, go after people who send you money, go after you for who you send money to, or invade your financial privacy, what have we really gained from crypto?

  9. XYZDav


    It would be a major hit to the faith (and price) people have in their value as widely accepted currencies. Add to that that miners could be sued, merchants could be forbidden to accept them, users to own them etc and al together the product would suffer a major loss of confidence if this were to come via coordinated action (G20 or similar).

    To me these coins have no future due to regulation that will come and eat them up in the coming years.

    I know 90% of crypto twitter/reddit thinks otherwise but most of it is made of young, unexperienced people when it comes to regulation, law and markets I’m sad to say. I truly think a lot of naive retail money will be lost because of that.

    That’s my take.

  10. Owl714


    Might raise the price. Depends on the consumer psychology. Usually things harder to get tend to raise in value. Would need demand though.


    Apollo Currency will have a DEX in their wallet very soon. Pay attention to them. Very excited.

  11. beachguy904


    also have to give bisq two thumbs, we’ve used them since last year……..Spectrecoin is a strong privacy project that already has the ability to convert xspec to spectre for total transfer in privacy so that a user sending from their own wallet to another does so in complete privacy. This is also the “coin” than will produced with the upcoming v3.0 client/wallet that will actually stake it …trustless Stealth Staking is coming. Its running successfully already on private test net, will go public for testing in a few weeks, target for public release is April .

    One exchange is also testing spectre for trading ….The new upcoming exchange [Amsterdex.com](https://Amsterdex.com)…..not a dex….but since it doesn’t offer fiat conversion….it *doesn’t* require KYC and meets the laws of Netherlands. read more here….[Spectrecoin News](https://news.spectreproject.io/february-2019/)

  12. spectre_cat


    It would bring back focus to the core values of cryptocurrencies: decentralization and censorship resistance. Technology will evolve if there is demand and use and there definitely is for privacy coins. How exactly the price will look is just speculation like it is with coins listed on every exchange.

  13. Shaneomat


    Price could go down short term if delisted at centralised xchanges. Then all it needs is a catalyser (some news to start the ignition) for it to pump up again. Like if there were way too much fiscal/governmental control over other crypto currencies such as BTC LTC and so on.

  14. beeep_boooop


    Not really. It’d be like the crypto equivalent of removing Alex Jones from social media. There’d have to be a decentralized exchange as big as coinbase/binance/kucoin or something like that to give them a chance.

  15. nathanielx9


    I think so. If litecoin is adding privacy features why wouldn’t they hold their value? I think their value will increase cause people see value in privacy. Now which one will survive? I’ll bet on xmr

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