Canvas or Schoology?

We are evaluating LMS's and are looking at Schoology or Canvas. Does anyone have experience with both? Happy for any advice!

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  1. tdipi


    Depends on your needs… K12? Higher Ed? Announcements and Information sharing or Online Homework and Content sharing?


    Schoology has the upper hand for K12, ease of use, announcements, grade reporting, etc


    Canvas has the upper hand in Higher Ed, Online Homework, sharing content, etc.


    Both will support LTI and SSO with carious publisher platforms.

  2. megabeano


    Haven’t used Schoology but I’ve heard it compared to Google Classroom and Canvas is leaps and bounds above Google Classroom (on its own, albeit GC has lots of integration with other products, canvas is getting there too but I’ve found it to be a little clunky but its native functionality is so good I rarely felt the need to integrate other tools)

  3. peeshofwork


    We piloted both. Went with Schoology. To me, the Canvas interface was not user friendly enough for the majority of our staff, where Schoology is very Facebook-like in its interface. We also love the Google integration we get with Schoology.

  4. rajjak


    Not both (I have no experience with Canvas), but we’re in our fourth year with Schoology (in a fully 1:1 district of ~700 students) and are happy with it. We migrated to it from Moodle and rely on it pretty heavily, and they’ve always done right by us.

    FWIW, we’re a G Suite district and have SSO with that, and it syncs to Skyward for class enrollment and gradebooks, and it’s always performed satisfactorily there. Our teachers are no tech titans by any means, but with proper PD and support from us and Schoology themselves, they manage just fine.

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