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Hi everyone. Hope all is well.

I'm building a very simple application that helps parents be more engaged with their childs educational life. This application provides the assessment and performance data to both the parents and students. e.g. I can see my child is not doing so well in Maths therefore I will help him out. I want to market this application around a growth orientated app that focuses on improving the students performance as oppose to surveillance.

The app I'm working on : Lunaa

your thoughts are apprecaited. This is my first company i'm running so any tips or advice are welcomed.


Background: I play a parental role in the lives of my 4 sibilings and its quite a struggle to keep up with them academically while also having a full-time career so i researched on products that are solving this problem and there weren't much. One application I found was designed terribly. Heres a link MyED

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