Futuristic educational technology ideas?

Need ideas for a class project, preferably a technology that helps a college student. It can be a little futuristic but has to remain mostly realistic.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated

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  1. homeofmars


    AR interactive content can be developed in Unity. It is free of cost and a college topic ( e.g. An experiment or object) can be picked up and images around the same can be built with AR effects for slicing it internally or moving it around.

  2. [Google duplex](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5VN56jQMWM) + an intelligent tutor.

    Stuck on some homework problem or don’t understand a topic in detail. No problem, just call the google duplex AI tutor and the AI tutor will explain it to you. You can even ask additional questions “what do you mean by that?” “or what happens if xyz?” and so on. There are already basic apps that do this to a limited extent. For example, there are apps where you can use your phone, hover it over some math problem and it will show you on the screen how to solve the math problem.

  3. ReedTeach


    I would like to see something on use of augmented reality glasses in educational classrooms. I see huge possibility in all areas for engagement and creation. I teach second but the college classroom could be just as useful. Many uses of HoloLens and AR headsets are already being used for training processes.

    Looking five to to ten years down the road, class set of augmented reality glasses (hopefully glasses not full headsets) to replace laptops or tablets. Imagine the learning and exploration when the digital is no longer tied to a screen but anywhere you want it. Entire classroom turned into a coral reef or forest floor of a rainforest. Teaching a novel in the setting of the story would be amazing or visualizing mathematical concepts beyond graph paper.

    Ex: Magic Leap (the fusion reactor of mixed reality) Just a few more years.

    Good luck.

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