America’s doctors warn Google, Twitter, and Facebook: Anti-vaxxers are weaponizing tech platforms, prompting outbreaks that can ‘debilitate and kill’


  1. g_man500a


    I really and truly believe that social media has not been a good thing for our society. This instance is just one of many. Disinformation flows entirely too freely and when you have a pool of millions and millions, that percentage of people that get behind flawed ideas, while small when looked at as a percentage is still a huge amount of people who can leverage their numbers to further push an agenda.

  2. ViciousPuddin


    Tech platforms are weaponizing themselves. Ant-vaxxers are absolutely moronic, but I fear this is the newest scapegoat that is going to be used to normalize mass censorship and the increasing control of these tech companies to decide what is right and wrong to publish. It’s a great ploy, actually.

  3. Ging_e_R


    This whole anti vaxx movement is a nightmare. In all my years I never thought that we’d take a leap BACKWARDS in our progress. But maybe I should have acknowledged that there are way more stupid people in this world than we think.

  4. GeebusNZ


    I wonder if it’s enough to motivate more funds being given to schooling to produce people who’re smart enough to see false information, identify it as such, and act accordingly.

    I’m thinking “nah.”

  5. trucane


    Same could be said for a lot of other messages such as gun advocacy, pro/anti- immigration, drugs and so on. Yes anti-vaxxers suck but they are hardly the only dangerous groups taking advaantage of social media

  6. Voggix


    Simple solution. No exemptions without medical reason certified by multiple doctors. Take your religious and uninformed objections and shove them up your a$$.

  7. faithle55


    >CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube

    “Wait! Are you telling us we are losing money?


    Phew. I thought we were going to have to do something for a minute.”

  8. AnotherCableGuy


    I think we need to recognise that idiots do exist. Idiots are the real threat to our modern societies, they can be your neighbor, your boss, your plane pilot or your president, they can spread diseases, start wars or collapse the global economy. Forget about terrorism – idiots are the real danger.

  9. xe0s


    Can we all just agree that it’s time to bail on “social media?”

    It encourages extremist levels of narcissism and does nothing for the general good aside from enriching the select few.

  10. grodr2001


    It just baffles me how fast this became an actual threat…feels like just days ago when we were making fun of ant vaxers for being idiots but now they’re actually causing outbreaks and bringing back illnesses and diseases that are supposed to be long gone.
    Feels like we’re going backwards in time now…

  11. Hezkezl


    Just got done getting into an argument with someone in my small town FB group (only ~3.5k people in this town, with ~2k people in this fb group) She legitimately thought that the dangers of being vaccinated (since some people have been killed by vaccines in the past, or had something else happen to them as a side effect of being vaccinated) are far worse than the actual diseases they prevent… The group admin deleted her post, in which she called me and a few other people “leftist r***rds” (censorship mine) because we kept asking for proven medical evidence that said dying of measles was better than being vaccinated.

    She then [posted this gem a few minutes ago after her post was deleted]( lol

  12. TheThunderbird


    We’re starting to see the beginning of the public forcing tech giants eke out a more defined corporate identity than overly general platitudes about making the world a better place.

  13. MJBrune


    I’m a new kid owner person… Parent I guess you would call it. My kid got all his vaccinations on the CDC schedule. It’s insane how much research and proof you can put in front of these people to state that vaccines do what vaccines are supposed to do. In the end I feel for the people and parents dealing with autism because this just takes their research efforts and directs them to useless attempts to link vaccinations with autism… You know we could be using all this funding towards better research topics like finding out what actually causes autism. Here is John with the details: Honestly I miss the days of people being excited for a new vaccine against a horrible disease.

  14. infikitsune


    Alternative hypothesis: through their content filtering algorithms, tech platforms are weaponizing conspiracy theories and hoaxes to drive growth and user engagement for their shareholders.

  15. ZestycloseChain


    It states there that it is important that people be aware not just that these diseases still exist and can still debilitate and kill, but that vaccines are a safe, proven way to protect against them

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