WhatsApp Cofounder Tells Students To Delete Facebook




    His sentiment about users paying a dollar a year with no ads should be how it is. Instead of free versions of anything you should have to pay a (small) fee and enjoy with no ads. The problem began when people decided free apps on their phones were the norm and refuse to pay literally a dollar for anything.

    Ideally this would be a flat fee and not a subscription

  2. whaq63


    Isn’t WhatsApp also owned by Facebook?

    If that’s true then people should also delete WhatsApp and switch to Signal or Threema messenger.

  3. dhabzs9


    Y’all are panicking over something so old. Every social media would have the same thing like Facebook does. Just don’t share important stuff, easy

  4. Pleb_nz


    Facebook and it’s apps were easy to delete.

    The other giant, Google, seems to be much harder to completely ditch and avoid.

    But I’m working on it

  5. EGX


    In the article boo hoo I became a billionaire overnight. But y’all shouldn’t use it. Article asked if he feels bad. He’s like I guess but we had to make money some how!

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