Ajit Pai Promised New Jobs and ‘Better, Cheaper’ Internet. His ISP Pals Have a Different Plan


  1. HeeeeeyNow


    Look I don’t like what he did but there is absolutely no correlation between net neutrality and the fact that Verizon is paying a massive amount of $$$ to build a brand new network and they want the early adopters to help pay for the cost.

    The article is a politically leaning hit job.

  2. MET1


    Pardon me. I really don’t think the FCC should be in the business of promising employment gains. I think the FCC should be developing guidelines for laws forcing telecoms to properly handle SPAM calls on my phones, for example. Or requiring ISPs to cover rural areas. Or other communication-related work.

  3. sifumokung


    When I was a kid banks developed ATM machines. They had an employee that could work 24 hours a day for no pay, never needed maternity leave or vacations. And for that massive savings – they charged us a **convenience fee**. We pay for their convenience.

    Now, decades later, I watch as we pay more and more for content that becomes more and more “sanitized” and corporate, like the one way shit pipe that is television, viewed on machines made from slave labor, that spy on us to sell us shit we didn’t ask for and don’t need.

    These pricks didn’t even invent the internet.

    Someone should have written a book or something to warn us. /s

  4. Who keeps buying into this? Does the promise of more jobs and cheaper product ever pan out? In any industry? They’re all only worried about their bottom line and that generally requires someone getting screwed, consumers, employees, the environment or all three.

  5. sfortmann44


    His argument that deregulation can lead to an increase in investments and lowering the cost to consumers is true. But ONLY WHEN that deregulation removes barriers to entry into a market which can (not automatically will) lead to more competition and lower prices. And in this market sphere the biggest barrier to market entry is not net neutrality, it’s typically (as previously mentioned in this tread at least once) local municipalities who have contracts with one ISP that essentially create a monopoly.

    This is the equivalent of saying “eating certain foods is beneficial to your health” (a true statement) and using that as your reasoning to eat more candy, like sure that’s eating more of a certain food, but it’s not the right food and if you know better, it’s a criminal misrepresentation of reality.

    All that being said, the articles use of 5G service costing more is stupid. Being outraged that a new technology that requires significant investment by the company costs more than the old technology is at best ignorant, at worst intentionally misleading. Newer better laptops cost more, newer better cars cost more, newer better everything costs more than the older less technologically advanced version does to begin with.

    The spin machine never stops.

  6. codyd91


    Anybody who promises a result, without demonstrably linking their action to it, is fucking lying to you.

    If someone told me they’d make college free, I’m only going to support them if they can walk me through how to do it.

    A-Shit Pie claimed, counter to all intuition, logic, and fact, that net neutrality hurts competition. Never explained how.

    All this being said, idk a single person who is okay with him. Unfortunately, I know people who ignore him in favor of focusing on “lib owning.”

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