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  1. tigre1983


    Two things I think make inflation attractive to world leaders:

    Most people don’t understand it. They understand taxes, and tax rates or tax increases. They don’t understand inflation, thus its a political freebie for governments to pay off debt with inflation. If they had to reduce spending or increases taxes to pay for debt it would be a political nightmare. Inflation is a silent tax.

    Second, $raises$, because people don’t have a sure grip on inflation they don’t really know if $45k a year is more or less than $40k in 2010. Everyone knows burgers used to be. 25 cents in the 1950s and they now cost dollars, but it’s abstract. However, they do know if they get raises or not, and when the last time they got one. The voting block would riot if wages are flat (not inflation adjusted, just simply flat). Inflation gives people a sense they are moving up, making more, doing well compared to their parents, etc. A world without inflation is a world without raises unless promotion, and a world that makes comparison to the past living standards obvious. Inflation is like a lubricant that keeps everyone churning away without riot. For example:

    “I got a raise, my house is worth more than I bought it for and my 401k is up this year and I didn’t pay more in taxes to the damn government!”

    Even if that person is ‘flat’ when adjusting for inflation, they are not kicking the current administration out.

  2. diydude2


    June settlement price on CME futures is 3840. Guess nobody told those guys about the Litecoin halvening in August (which will bring Bitcoin up as Litecoiners rebalance some of their gains) or the Bitcoin halvening next year. For some reason they always see the price going down in the future. It’s almost like they want it to go down. Unfortunately for them, math and reality disagree.

    *Easy money* if you go long on those June contracts.

  3. 3 month Anniversary of the Bull Market Today! It’s still a baby bull that’s gotta crawl before it walks before it bull runs. Keep accumulating, it’s just a matter of time before sellers are out of firepower shorting.

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