My dad just asked me if I have any of that “space money”.

So I go home for the first time in a very long time and my dad pulls me aside and starts talking about his investment portfolio and how it has grown at a steady pace for a while. I tell him how mine has not grown at a steady pace and has tanked. Yada yada. Anyway, he looks at me and goes “So, you still into that space money? Got some friends around the shop trading it. How do I get it?”

At that point, I’m just happy with his excitement and eager to set up his account.

I set up his Coinbase account and sent him 2 LTC and 1 ETH.

After everything has processed, he looks at me and says “Thanks. Always wanted to be apart of the space revolution.”

Still not sure why he thinks crypto is space related, but whatever. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

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  1. SlightlyTurgid


    The concept of digital money has always been associated with things like living on the moon, flying cars powered by free energy, and other world-fair worthy visions of the future…. In the 1980’s, most people could be easily convinced that we’d be living like the Jetsons by now.

  2. cryptomir


    A neighbor told me a few days ago his son is into “micro currencies”. He also mentioned “Bit coint”. And he’s not the only person I know that says “Bit coint”.

  3. TotesMessenger


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  4. Cubeeyy


    Yeah my Dad messaged me yesterday and just said “tell me about bitcoin”. He knew I’d been in the space since the beginning and I advised him to stay away for the time being. Nice to see people becoming interested though!

  5. kingcobra0411


    I earned a lot in crypto and lost everything in crypto.
    when it was ATH in 2017 dec my dad asked the same thing “How many bitcoin do you have?”

    Embarrassingly I said none. He gave a look which made me feel stupid about myself.

    Started to buy some crypto every month with little budget as $200 since this year. Although I wish my 6 BTC from MtGox comes back.

  6. captaincrypton


    my dad believes ,he is 80 almost,and owns 1/3rd of a bitcoin and about 15 lite coin. he also started yoga five years ago. very open minded. great story . you shall receive one up vote from me sir.

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