Security level when using hot wallets (an example by the president of Republic of Kosovo)


  1. zomgitsduke






    You’d be surprised at how often people think they are being clever. Yes, you need access to that machine, but you could simply steal the hard drive. Give this guy a full day to figure out how to call/inform tech that his PC isn’t working, have them come around to check the PC, ask the guy questions (he already wen’t home and doesn’t answer his phone after work hours), and by the time he responds, someone already leaked the contents of that PC.

    This is our world right now in terms of cybersecurity.

  2. gavranV


    Wow, president of “Republic of Kosovo” has a computer? That`s breaking news. It`s only that “Republic of Kosovo” doesn`t exist,


    Kosovo is Serbia, NATO can occupy it for many years to come, but history has learned us that nothing lasts forever, so after NATO is done, “Republic of Kosovo” is done as well.


    Back on topic, this guy, so called president of non existing country, is a war criminal, he doesn`t understand what bitcoin is, he only understands what drug dealing, torture and ethnic cleansing are.

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