The Average U.S. Millennial Watches More Netflix Than TV


  1. In college, I lived in a house of seven (it was surprisingly clean and drama free considering). We bought cable one day and installed it. Over that weekend it was watched by a grand total of two people who didn’t even live in the house to watch sports (which none of the roommates really care about). We decided it wasn’t worth it and cancelled our subscription. But, of course, we all had Netflix accounts.

  2. JaceLightning


    Every few years there’s an article like this. “Millennials are killing the cable industry”

    But really, who wants to watch TV?

    With Netflix, I can watch the shows whenever I want to. I can pause, rewind as many times as I want to catch that line I missed. I can watch on any device I want: computer, TV, phone, etc. There are no commercials and it’s still much, much cheaper than cable.

    I can’t understand why anyone would watch TV.

  3. Grizzly_93


    Ah yes let me pay $200 a month and have to sit through commercials only to watch the same 5 tv ideas shattered into a thousand different shows of their own.

  4. Whompa


    Amongst other reasons, Cable providers have constantly been trying to bait and switch for years now.

    “Only $15.99 a month!*

    *for 3 months then regular fees apply”

    Fuck that. Just give it to me straight.

    Sometimes I think about going back to Cable, but that hidden fee shit is a major deal breaker.

  5. Method__Man


    I only have TV because it is cheaper to not for some reason. That being said, i use it for local news maybe 15 minutes a day, or sometimes background noise if i am cooking or something

  6. permano0b


    Stupid millenniums killing big cable’s ability to overcharge for a crappy product…would be poetic justice if Ajit Pai isn’t already selling off the soul of internet.

  7. gt0163c


    I’m a GenXer. The last time I turned my television on was to watch the Super Bowl in 2018. Everything I watch regularly is either streamed (mostly Hulu) or on DVD (at work during lunch because we’re not allowed to stream/streaming sites are blocked).

  8. geogle


    I’m 46 and other than one football game a week when in season, I only watch streaming.
    Edit: and it’s not Network produced reality garbage either

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