Top gamer ‘Ninja’ made $1 million to promote EA’s ‘Apex Legends’ launch: source


  1. This is completely “allegedly” and “from anonymous sources “ most of these deals pay by the hour and by viewer count. Someone said in this thread he had about 60k viewers on the higher end of these deals the stream gets $1 per viewer per hour (according to disguised toast, another popular streamer). So Ninja would have had to be getting double that ($2 per viewer per hour) and be sponsored for 8 hours to get 1 million or something along those lines. Seems somewhat far fetched but still within the realm of possibilities especially since he is/was the biggest streamer by far.

  2. jmur3040


    Shoe companies pay NBA and College players to wear their shoes, Nike, Taylormade and the rest pay golfers to use their equipment. Is this that different? It seems if anything, things like this furthers the legitimacy of E-sports as comparable to other sports.

  3. Sephran


    The only thing I care about is whether during this contract Ninja and the others clearly stated it was an advertisement by EA, which I am pretty sure Twitch requires.

    It’s not new that companies pay streamers to play games, but they are supposed to clearly state they are being paid for that time.

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