Huawei Isn’t Trustworthy 5G Partner, German Spy Agency Says


  1. deet0013


    We cant trust any chinese companies. They all have ties with the dictarorship of the CCP.

    China’s governement is fanatical and will do everything to assert its dominatiin and undermine the western democracies.

  2. qx87


    This huawei trade war thing, such bs. Let’s go with cisco then huh? Or I heard diebold makes great voting booths. So much bs in the face of huge documented backdoors in US tech.

    Show evidence or shut up

  3. It should be obvious (though reading this thread argues against) there’s a bit of a distinction to be made between the Chinese government’s actions and those of countries like the US. The NSA isn’t giving Huawei’s secrets to Microsoft and Google. Sadly, the same can’t be said in the other direction. This is about economic espionage.

    Also, used to work in the telecom business. Huawei sold better copies of our product, for less, and still does it.


  4. CoaxVex


    Is this the same bloomberg that claimed that supermicro servers for AWS and facebook had hardware backdoors? Even though those tech giants categorically denied it?
    For most Europeans it’s pretty clear that the US is blocking these Chinese tech companies out of economical reasons rather than security concerns and is just trying to spread as much FUD as possible. Just a couple of weeks ago, Dominique Leroy, CEO of Belgians biggest ISP wrote that they consider Huawei to be more transparent than “other vendors”.

  5. ravisidhu7260


    We should give the contracts for whatever upgrades are happening to companies that reside in whatever country is being discussed. Huawei cant handle the whole worlds data that’s too much power. Plus they are obviously tight knit with the Chinese government which leads to the possibility of fraud and illegal spying on us!!!!

  6. JuanCortezi


    I will always trust Huawei over any other phone. They do not cooperate with the NSA or GCHQ. So even if they spy on me my shit’s out of the jurisdictions that could fuck me up.

    Audits have been done already. There’s no backdoors in Huawei. The ‘gotcha’ is in their software, which can be rooted out easily. They actually build their stuff so other governments can spy in it, which no one ever mentions for some convenient reason.

  7. RaeSchecter


    out of experience, Huawei makes great, cheap phones. I know they’re scandals, it’s just sad. Then again, companies over here, like Google, are doing the same thing China is doing, but getting away with it more than they are.

  8. AyrA_ch


    > An official from the Foreign Ministry, speaking at the same meeting, said it would be hard to work with a company that cooperates with its national secret service.

    To be fair, that statement might rule out other companies too.

  9. kdlt


    Two dozen countries have reached this conclusion so far. Is any country really still seriously considering them?
    I wonder this reality doesn’t impact the sales of their common products as well.

  10. trisul-108


    And we agree wholeheartedly. The problem is apparently the German Federal Office for Information Security which thinks that Huawei can be controlled despite the lack of trust … this is a fallacy.

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