Reddit bans r/watchpeopledie in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacres — The subreddit violated site policy on ‘glorifying violence’


  1. aj_ramone


    Reddit censorship is getting ridiculous. I don’t want to hear how reddit fights for a “free and open” internet whenever net neutrality is the topic, yet censors anything they don’t like when it’s a hot issue.

  2. stufff


    How is this policy not violated by subs like r/mma , r/ufc , r/wwe, r/boxing, etc. ? Those subreddits are literally for the express purpose of glorifying violence

  3. HacktoriHanzo


    I don’t know why someone would want to watch people die on Reddit. Seems like a fucked up thing to fill your front page with. This has probably been a long time coming with /r/WatchPeopleDieInside getting close to 1 million subs which would show the violent one to people looking for it.

  4. AMAInterrogator


    If you’re in the line of work where that kind of stuff is relevant, it can make sense to watch that kind of stuff. Remind you of some hard truths.

    If you aren’t, enjoy the protection you are provided.

  5. wtfburritoo


    > incites or glorifies violence

    That particular sub did neither. Admins have been looking for a reason to get rid of it for quite some time because it looks bad for the company, and advertisers are understandably not very fond of subs like that.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure they’re arranging victory parades and celebratory parties for all the dead Muslims over on r/The_Donald. Keep up the good work, Reddit.

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