what it feels like trying to spend bitcoins outside the internet


  1. omaramassa


    If you’re in a number of 3rd world countries Bitcoin is Godsend. We have the best banking in the world here in the U.S and in Europe, of course we don’t need Bitcoin. Most of the world does need crypto tho. If you’re hating on it because you can’t spend it here in America or in any industrialized country you’re not seeing the big picture. Bitcoin isn’t going away anytime soon and although another coin might take it’s place in the future crypto will not go away.

  2. crypto_news_guy


    It’s only a matter of time. I know it seems like a meme now, but once Bakkt kicks off with its integration in Starbucks, other retailers will likely jump on board. We’re looking at a future where *everyone* takes Itchy & Scratchy money!

  3. brollikk


    it’s very hard to spend or even get people to pay me using it. There’s too much risk in even owning bitcoin. That is the current biggest problem.

  4. BigJim05


    Just use your bitcoin debit card if you really want to spend bitcoin.

    But IMO bitcoin (or any altcoin that runs on blockchain) was never meant to be spent at the Point Of Sale because the only way to do it would be 0-conf which is possible to reverse once you walk off. This is why lightning and L2 solutions are the key.

    Also, comparing bitcoin to “Itchy & Scratchy money” is wrong because bitcoin is nobody’s money (unlike just about everything else).

  5. xxrom


    I think part of the problem is volatility. As a merchant I am not interested in hodling or fighting the money system. I need that money I get from you to reinvest it right away in my business. So, if you want me to accept bitcoin, I need an easy and fast way to convert it back to fiat money reliably. If I am under constant uncertainty about the rate of convertion – that is a big problem for me and I won’t play along.

  6. OCPetrus


    There are lots of parallels between wanting to spend bitcoin and wanting to eat vegan food. Vegans are often willing to pay extra to not have any animal based products served. That is steadily creating an ever increasing market. Eventually vegan food is not going to be more expensive but cheaper.

    I understand many consumers dislike the idea that you’d have to pay extra if you pay with bitcoin. However, I think that is the correct way to create adaption. Merchants need more equipment and experience. When there’s one customer a year it just doesn’t make sense.

  7. funny thing is that Homer just have in his hands the “Itchy-scratchy” money… fiat bills 🙂
    **Simpsons did it again, with their predictions!**
    This image is the perfect example of how will be on the streets, when BTC will be largely accepted: **nobody will want fiat-itchy-scratchy-money!**

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