If you are against Facial Recognition technology in the hands of the government, call your broker and ask them to vote FOR on the Amazon Ban for Rekognition to be sold to the Government.

Call your broker, your 401(k) administrator, your union pension administrator, your banker and ask them to vote YES on Item #6 at the Amazon Shareholder meeting on May 22nd, 2019.

The tweet to share: https://twitter.com/theochino/status/1117257084138082305

Amazon Shareholders Set to Vote on a Proposal to Ban Sales of Facial Recognition Tech to Governments


Brian Brackeen, former Chief Executive Officer of facial recognition company Kairos, said, “Any company in this space that willingly hands [facial recognition] software over to a government, be it America or another
nation’s, is willfully endangering people’s lives.”

On my linkedin I posted the following: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6523035079428571136

There are 492,053,396 shares of common stock outstanding and entitled to vote. Bezos and the insiders only hold 1/4 of the votes around 78 millions votes. The rest of the shares are held by institutions. The list is here: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/AMZN/holders?p=AMZN

Let's make it clear that we don't want our government to track us with a flawed technology.

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  1. factoid_


    I personally don’t give a **** whether amazon sells this tech to governments or not. Ban it allow it, I don’t care.

    I absolutely do not understand this notion that I should somehow trust Amazon with this technology more than a government I have a vote in.

    I don’t love my government, but I trust them more than Amazon.

  2. carolina73


    Why? What are you trying to hide?

    It’s funny how the left demands others give up their freedoms but then demand you do not take theirs.

    I tend to agree that much of this is dangerous but nothing is 100% accurate. So when they say it is a one in a million chance of a match but they search a billion people in the database then false hits are going to be made. What happens when you get a face lift or cataract surgery? My fingerprint recognition did not work after I got a cut on my finger.

  3. Foodei


    Amazon is not the only company with this technology. FR is already in most government’s hands – try flying internationally.

    Also, if you use a cell phone, they know where you is. Good luck trying to hide.

  4. Will this apply to google, facebook, microsoft amd apple too, because… someone is going to make a facial recognition database for the feds.

    The hand wringing is over nothing at this point.

  5. tres_chill


    Isn’t face recognition pretty much par for the course just about anywhere now?

    I would think the government has had it for many, many years already. And not just something simplistic, I would bet they have those rapid moving cameras positioned that fling around and capture every single face within 20 yards, and run them all through checks of various kinds.

  6. RedSquirrelFtw


    Unfortunately no matter what happens the government will always get what they want. Even if they don’t get Amazon’s tech they will just get someone else’s, or make their own, if they don’t already have their own.

    This is the sort of thing that makes me want to live in a cabin in the woods. Seems we are heading towards a world where your every move is being tracked, online, and offline. It’s a very scary future and it’s not that far off and already partially that way as it is now.

  7. mohavewolfpup


    What am I missing here?

    Government already collects data that can be used for facial recognition, namely drivers licenses. (Think about it. Rigid requirements for the photos, can be taken yearly/assorted range of years, this provides updated photos) Talk of it has been going on since September 11th 2001. (Pile On Real ID requirements for flying/access to government buildings and you know updates photos will be more common then having it taken in 2000 and only your Expiration date for renewal changes)

    Casinos employ the technology already.

    Cameras have become more invasive in places. Look at the exits of Walmart’s for example, it’s right at face level. Connect that to a database (drivers licenses!) and it’s perfect tracking.

    Government is big on secrets and technology that pales in comparison to what we see and use in our own lives.

    Is this just window dressing/formalities for what is already existing, and this is a way to give the illusion of having a choice in it continuing forward?

  8. Orgnok


    Can’t tell if this is satire or if we live in a world where people unironicaly suggest talking to shareholders of a company as the best way to decide what governments can do.

    In case it is serious, amazon is one company, a big one yes but there is open source face recognition and a billion start ups that deal with the technology, if someone wants it, it’s available.

  9. ucbmckee


    None of this makes sense. If you’re a shareholder, you’ll have your own vote. If you have a pension or mutual fund with Amazon stock, your broker doesn’t care about your opinion, they care about the financials. There are also a lot of companies going down this path, so the whole thing accomplishes nothing. If you care enough, fight this battle through legislation.

  10. Mminas


    If its out there and already in the hands of private entities what good will imposing a ban on the state owning it do?

    At least the state is beholden in both legal and ethical / political terms. You can expect way more privacy violations from private entities and you will have voted to purposefully weaken the state, who is the only one that can protect you.

  11. balconytea


    Can someone explain to me why it’s seen as, by default, bad to have that with the government?

    Dubai already has this to some degree and it boosted security along with the speed of security check ups (passport control/ID, etc)

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