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  1. xenzor


    You know what really grinds my gears.

    Twitter Scum who are so quick to jump on negative “Facts” to try and get their shitty retweets and followers but then don’t ever offer apologies when they are wrong even admit to it.

    At what point does it become defamation ?

  2. ugodtw


    Being logical here, volume is steadily decreasing, price has shot up in the past 24 hours, this must mean the price cannot be stable, it is going to drop back to 4900-5000 range within 24 hours.

  3. Everex (EVX) is going to beta launch their exchange today. We will see what happens. And I know people like to downvote when someone is not talking about their coin but the sub is about learning what other coins are up too. Like BAT is doing something on the 24th. I don’t have bat but I liked knowing what is going on

  4. turrgavi


    Horizen doesn’t seem to get much attention here…

    I think it wasn’t very popular during 2017 so now it doesn’t have much attention but take a look at it. Obviously DYOR but look at what they have done and are planning to do in the future.

    Zksnarks, Dapps platform, decentralised VPN, encrypted messaging, DAO, data storage, computation and block DAG.

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