Google Assistant has been recording my voice since 2014, here’s how I deleted everything I’ve asked it


  1. TheAtheistOtaku


    With companies like Google, you have to figure the cons/benefits. Sure they make assloads of money off your data, but Google is one of few companies who actually do useful shit with that data.

    Do I find it creepy? Yes. But I find Google home/assistant way to useful to care too much.

  2. ptd163


    Then: “I sweep my house daily for bugs and wiretaps. Privacy is paramount.”

    Now: “Hey wiretap. What’s on my calendar today?”

    It’s crazy how apathetic people have gotten. Also unless you are under GDPR jurisdiction they don’t actually delete anything. They just hide it from your MyActivity pages. It’s all just window dressing.

  3. airtrixxx1080


    In this age of data privacy, the option to delete or limit data collection is becoming the norm. In some cases (not all), the data is used for something I genuinely want, for example Google scans your emails and in return tells you when to leave for your flight. If you delete your data, these helpful features take a hit and then we as consumers might say “man, Google used to be so much better”. How do we gauge when the right time to limit data is? I wish there was better customization in limitation.

  4. People shouldn’t be using these things. They’re deliberate spying devices advertised as assistants. Don’t be fooled. They aren’t deleting anything. They’re just hiding it from you.

  5. conte360


    I can’t really read the title as is. I read: “Google assistant has been tracking my voice since 2014 here’s how I removed my access to the history of everything I’ve asked it.”

  6. Desutor


    Step 1: Dont fucking use Alexa or Google Assistant. That shit is so obviously saving every fucking thing you ask it, i dont even bother. I‘d rather do a few taps on my Phone to save my privacy ffs. Or maybe ill just switch to Apple with their Homepod etc, if i ever plan on using smart speakers…

  7. *insert [But Why] gif here*

    Google has put a lot of work into anonymizing people’s data while still being able to machine learn from it. Many companies do it by storing your data on a database where no human has permission to actually access. Google does it by skewing everyone’s data by a random amount so that it is total gibberish, but the machine learning model can learn from it because the *average* skew is zero.

  8. AndrewCoja


    I was looking through my voice activity and played one of them. My phone picked it up and then my google home responded. Then it appeared at the top of the page.

  9. CaptainBritish


    Listening to these recordings is creepy as hell. I sound like I’m high every time I’m talking to that thing because of how slow I need to speak with my accent, in reality though I’m only high like half of the time.

  10. Hellssponge


    This sort of stuff is obnoxious. As if they dont have 40 backups. Focus groups say their data management is a problem, so they push news articles contradicting it.

  11. sheepsleepdeep


    I use Google assistant **constantly** and for the love of all that is holy it **still** doesn’t recognize “and” properly almost 80% of the time. And “were/where”? Nope, I totally meant to say “we’re”. There was a point where it was getting good at recognizing context, and using the right word that made grammatical or contextual sense, and that was impressive, but then it got this update like 2 weeks ago (Pixel 2XL) and ever since not only has the voice assistant been much slower to respond and initialize (it was *instant* before, now it takes a second or two and unless you are staring at the screen you don’t know when to start talking. I can’t even begin to go over how many times I’ve started talking only to realize it missed the first five or six words. I don’t know how you take something that was working so well and make it worse) but it seems that context-based recognition is *gone*.

    “Me in Dad are going downtown.”

    “In that is how it all went down.”

    “Oh, in not only that, but Brad in Sam we’re there and saw it too.”

    I rely on the Google voice assistant and voice recognition for variety of tasks throughout day in professional and personal life, and I’ve come to rely on it, and as somebody who uses both Apple and Android devices… how anybody could ever recommend Siri as a serious digital assistant is beyond me, even for all of its faults the Google assistant is miles ahead of anything else on the market. I’ve given it commands not knowing if that was even something it could do and I’ve been pleasantly surprised almost every time by how it recognizes what I wanted it to do and makes it happen.

    But and/”in” and where/where/”we’re” is frustrating as fuck. And after 4 years of daily use and constant correction *you’d think* it would have figured it out by now **like it did with every other common misspelling/mistake once corrected a few times.**


  12. Saved you a click:

    Go to

    Log in to Google if you haven’t already.

    Choose “Data & Personalization” on the left menu bar.

    Select “Voice & Audio Activity.”

    Choose “Manage Activity.”

    On the left bar, choose “Delete Activity by.”

    Under “Delete by date” choose “All time.”

    Make sure “all products” is selected.

    Choose “Delete.”

    Confirm you want to delete all of your activity.

    Now, to stop Google from saving this data in the future, go to the “Manage Activity” page again.

    Turn off the toggle next to “Voice & Audio Activity.

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