There are officially too many damn video streaming services


  1. molonlabe88


    “I want one cheap service with everything! Is that to much to ask”

    -People complaining.

    I cut the cord because of commercials. I don’t mind paying $60 a month for great damn content that I can watch on demand with no commercials.

  2. Zalon


    I really think that the reluctance from the movie/TV industry to work together, will hurt them in the long run.

    People don’t want to have multiple streaming services.

    I think piracy will keep getting more popular, especially since there is a lot of illegal services working just like a legal streaming service, so it’s easy enough for even non techy people.

    The reason music piracy is no longer a big problem is that you can pick any service and get access to 99% of all music.

    The legal music streaming services are actually a better product than the illegal alternative, this is not the case for movie/tv streaming services.

  3. Mormoran


    The article is a little hyperbolic though… Who actually subscribes to like 6 different streaming services? Maybe Netflix and perhaps 2 others. It’s like going “I like fruit but when I go to the supermarket I have all of these choices and end up buying a ton and then I don’t use (eat) them!”…

    You do you know don’t HAVE to get them all, right?

  4. SquadPoopy


    There really isn’t in my opinion.

    If you choose the big 4, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and another of your choice, chances are you’re still going to be paying significantly less than cable.

    I work for a cable company, and our service costs like $80+ for just cable, so having 4 or 5 streaming services is still a much better value.

  5. I’m pissed. I used to have to torrent everything, but then legal services came out and I could *finally* pay a reasonable price for content I wanted. Now it’s a disaster again and it’s too expensive, but all my old familiar torrent sites are toast. I don’t know any of the sites and my old client updated to a bloated, virus ridden hog. I spent hours looking for my show and *still* ended up with dogshit quality and hardcoded Hungarian subtitles. Oh, and Conduit.

    I used to be “with it”, but then they changed what “it” was, and now what I’m with isn’t “it”, and what’s “it” is *weeirrd and scary* to me.

  6. Pigskin_Ninja


    We all knew this was going to happen once everyone realized how much money Netflix was making with everyone else’s content. We’re in a better situation than cable now because it’s so easy to alternate streaming services throughout the year to watch the shows you care about.

  7. skpicky


    I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I subscribed to Netflix for years. We just canceled it and signed up for Hulu. We’re currently watching everything we want to watch on Hulu. In a few months we’re going to cancel Hulu and sign up for Netflix again so we can watch ST3 and a few other things. Then we will cancel it again and switch back to Hulu. In November we might switch to Disney. But I don’t need more than one service a month.

    I am an Amazon subscriber for the Prime benefits mostly, the video service is extra.

  8. bombula


    I’m an adult with a good income, I don’t mind paying for content, but if you force me to watch even *one single goddamn ad* when I’m paying for content I’m headed straight back to the Pirate Bay for that content.

    Hi Hulu, are you paying attention?

  9. makenzie71


    When I cut my cord I had Netflix and it was great.

    Then Netflix lost some content, but Hulu got it and some others. So then I had Netflix and Hulu.

    The Netflix and Hulu both purged, and then we had Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

    Now they’re all purging and focusing more on their own original content. To get the content back, because it was content that we watched, we’re going to have to have two more streaming services.

    This is basically “Cable 2: Return of the Cord Cutters”. Eventually someone’s going to put together a package that gives you a discount on the streaming services so long as you’re paying for a bunch of them you won’t ever watch anyway.

  10. Toxie2344


    **** them all get a Fire stick or android device and subscribe to a IPTV Service and download Xanax and cinema apk and get all the subscription services for free

  11. TinkleButters


    This feels like that moment when Amazon was born to obliterate physical stores then they started opening physical stores. Streaming services were meant to do the same for cable but now we will soon end up right where we started.

  12. ACCount82


    It’s easy to see what’s happening: exclusivity kills convenience.

    This issue can be solved by regulation. Force companies to sell distribution rights to their media, with the same prices and conditions applying to every buyer. Kill exclusivity and let streaming services and media producers compete separately from each other.

    Competition is usually good, but this exclusivity mess stems from companies leveraging their verticality to go at war with each other, with consumers suffering. This isn’t the kind of competition we need.

  13. Torgunde


    You don’t have to subscribe all at once either. You can watch what you want from one service, cancel, then start with a fresh catalog from another.

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