Twitter urged to suspend Trump after president accused of sharing “propaganda” and “hate speech” over Omar attack


  1. Willard2566


    I’m not sure I agree that Muslims are treated as second class citizens. My brother in law is Muslim and he immigrated to the US after 9/11. If Muslims are second class citizens, how was he able to accomplish that after 9/11?

    If she’s saying that some people in the US just don’t like the religion/Muslims (I’m certainly not one of these; my brother in law is awesome…he’s too good for my sister…JK), oh fucking well. We’re not required to like anyone, however, just because you don’t like someone, for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they should not enjoy the same rights as everyone else.

    I don’t agree with Trump on just about anything, but I don’t think anyone should be censored. Let him keep showing everyone why he’s a douchebag.

  2. AlienSerf


    Trump felt that Omar’s comments sought to diminish 9/11. So, he posted a video which began with those comments and ended with footage of the 9/11 attack.

    So, one politician tweeted criticism of another. This is hardly an outrage.

  3. 4book


    Mods remove tech news related to Apple, because “they hace their own subreddit”, but welcome political and SJW topics? What’s going on here..

  4. cfuse


    Twitter isn’t going to get rid of Trump because if it did it would put all its blue check mark journalist and activist friends out of business. They only exist by feeding off of what Trump gives them.

  5. OMGorilla


    Wow, didn’t even try touching on the outer-reaching ramifications of if they went the proposed path, and how that would affect the industry, and instead jumped straight into “propaganda=bad.” You’re making your arguments in the wrong sub. We don’t need to talk about, what you’re talking about, here. Which is my point.

    This isn’t “These guys perfected concentric e-drilling through inconel” or “This alloy is now has the greatest strength:weight ratio” or even “Apple acquired Company X that specializes in Software Y, and what that might mean for iPhone 38.” This is a stupid twitter feud and people trying to get someone banned for saying or sharing nothing wrong.

  6. >The petition, which urges Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to “take down Trump’s hateful video and permanently suspend his account,” has gathered over 9,000 signatures since it was launched on Saturday evening.

    Wow this is really big news. 9,000 people want Trump off of Twitter? Get this to the presses!

  7. dunkmaster6856


    maybe she shouldnt reduce a very touchy subject for americans to “some people did something”

    oh and not lying about cair would help. it was founded in 1994, not after 9/11

  8. garhent


    >CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that **some people did something** and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

    Those “some people” were Wahabis from Saudi Arabia primarily and are from the two Westborough Baptist sects of Islam. There are just under 5M Wahabies in the Gulf and around 4M Salafasts in the Gulf as well. They are extremely fundamentalist and most of the money and fighters used to fund ISIS came from those groups.

    If you want to tackle Nazism you talk about Nazis. If you want to tackle Islamic Terrorism you talk about the specific sects that are fueling it.

  9. The concept that the POTUS is such a shitshow that he can’t even follow the rules of decorum on Twitter — well, if they had a bit more integrity they’d feel a touch of shame. But of course, they will cry that Twitter is “deep state” if he gets banned.

  10. elfmachine100


    Imagine if Trump said we should get rid of Homeland Security, his reason being.. “We don’t need it, it was made after some people did something.”

    People would lose their fucking minds. Media is total bullshit now.

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