“Binance DEX does not challenge Ethereum, it doesn’t even have smart contracts. It challenges ourselves, exchanges,” wrote CZ in its twitter.


  1. redmoonrises


    Im totally fine with ICO garbage being completely moved to shitcoin chains like BNB is becoming. “IEO” are the same trash in a different color bag.

    Ethereum can be used for much more than just a method to extract money from the “muh lambo” crowd.

  2. Oreotech


    The Binance block chain however…

    Edit: Still won’t compete because it’s too centralized. The term “DEX” is being used very loosely in this case.

    But I’m.sure CZ is trying to dethrone Etherium but it will never happen.

  3. YRuafraid


    LMAO at ETH bagholders needing assurance from CZ that your coin isn’t fucked.

    CZ puts on a humble act on Twitter. He knows damn well Binance just stole ETH’s primary demand factor— token launchpad.

  4. PrFaustroll


    Everyone praise him here but you are all fooled by his little sentence. He is just clever to not admit it and pretend to be humble. It only business at the end

    In contrary of Vitalic and the ethereum fondation who really aims for more freedom and no borders this guy is doing that just for business purpose don’t be fooled!

    Remember how in December 2017 Binance was proposing shitty trading competition on true scamcoin with prize such as lambo car… t

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