How 11 People Try to Stop Fake News in the World’s Largest Election


  1. dicker009


    Fake news is a new epidemic disaster among nations recently .
    Enjoy the power of mind share. News also “fixs“ problems like if there is no press report means no problem is existing.

  2. The ability to discern useful information will be like literacy in the 1900s for this century. You’ll barely be able to have a conversation with somebody that lives in a completely different reality. The only problem is choosing the correct reality.

  3. bostonsatz


    Boom is one of many fact checking organizations that have sprung up recently, . All of them serve the big tech , most of these fact checkers are established by well known activists . I think this is the only way out for the big tech to fight the fake news menace in India. And the big tech also have a legal responsibility where they have to have a liaison office , and a proof of team working to fight fake news as required by election commission.

  4. R0ndras


    11 people doesnt seem enough when Russia probably has 100s of paid hackers behind all of this. And that’s only Russia, China 100% has their hands into it too.

    They managed to do it with USA, they are doing it with the rest of the world too.

  5. WesDontCare


    Fake news, can be created by third parties at any time to work with any strategy required to win over the opposition.
    It’s ability to market and promote doubt that scares me the most.

  6. mridlen


    The problem with fake news is that ultimately you have to place some trust in the fact checking organization, which can also be biased. Still I think for major news organizations, they should adopt a 3rd party fact checking organization model. That way, it would at least weed out the most egregious lies.

  7. thatcantb


    Simplest solution – remove anything called news on the platform. Social media is not news, it’s chatter and opinion. Allow users to post links to things. But nothing can be considered news on the platform. Trying to ‘fact check’ every blessed sentence posted is a fool’s errand.

  8. > Boom’s 11 fact-checkers and its similar-size fellow contractors are the front line of the social network’s shield against this sludge.

    so, it is 22 people. not 11.

    >Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers in India analyze news in 10 of India’s 23 official languages, more than any other country, according to a spokesperson.

    that’s approx one person per language. great.

    >The Boom team spends much of its time working to verify or debunk a punch list of vitriolic Facebook posts **and WhatsApp forwards** that Rebelo compiles each morning based on these tools

    how are they intercepting / reading Whatsapp forwards, coz whatsapp messages are said to be end-to-end encrypted ?

  9. cybercop12345


    Wow such a biased article and what biased team, only tells us about how BJP supporters makes fake news about Congress. But the truth is both parties make fake news about each other all the time. Heck even Congress party was caught taking help from Cambridge analytica which pitched a proposal last year to the Congress party, which included “data mining of Facebook posts and tweets” and “influencing voter intention” for the 2019 national election. 

    That’s what I hate about Indian news, they would act very neutral in their articles but would add a few lines of good things about this party and some bad things about the others. And now I am getting these types of articles in non political sub reddit wtf?

  10. danholo


    Ah, the Trust and Safety committee. Instead of calling it for what it is: a tool for censorship, people laud it as the a Beacon of freedom against “fake news”.

    No chance of corruption. None whatsoever! These people of pure morality will show us what is fake news and what is not.

    Trust some 20 year olds to curate your feed.

  11. kstrtroi


    This is why I keep saying education reform should be the #1 topic in this next election. As important as Healthcare, climate change, cyber security, and automation are, nothing is going to change anything till we have a more informed electorate.

  12. Ashaps2001


    “What can 11 people do,”

    Yeah that’s exactly what I thought when I read headline. It seems like a huge under kill to only have 11 people searching for fake election news considering the scale of fake news in other recent elections. I would expect a team to at least have a couple hundred if not thousand of people.

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