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  1. sofialilaA


    A must watch project with a fresh concept that is worth to contribute with. Its have big future! You make smart and useful project. Good luck to the whole team! #cryptoxygen

  2. Badeindi


    Yes, the well deserved bullrun is here. Retailer demand sent the price soaring upwards. “Organic growth”! Crypto is well adopted on a mass scale – now is the time!


  3. Load97


    Hey I have a question, if the next recession cames in 12-18 months, what is generally expected to happen to BitCoin, Eth, XRP and other coins 🙂 ?

  4. j4c0p


    This last 2 years were speed up crash course for me…. of human behavior.
    Its unbelievable that even meme bubble chart is actually spot on .
    90% of people in market are drawn like flies into light to do exactly opposite of what they should do.
    We buy into pumps, we are shorting 3k bitcoin, same mistakes just new people getting burned.
    In face of uncertainty and in uncharted territory we really just turn on some built in rekt procedure, that is same for most of human.

    Its like using red laser pointer to a cat, it just haywire its brain and it go nuts.
    If you want to see how mature person is, put him into unknown situation multiplied by his own funds and you will very quickly see how exceptional person is.
    “Put your money where your mouth is”- Now I understand what it REALLY means .


  5. FoxMulderOrwell


    It climbs and it climbs, slowly but surely.

    Bitter sweet for me,

    I made some more buys when it was low, and am going to have some spare coin in the near future… love seeing the prices climb, but also want them to stay low a bit longer so i can get more of a foot in

  6. Barmean


    Noobz invested in alts cause they can buy alot of coins for 100-1000 bucks; they promised to themselves they ll buy btc… sometimes, but they didn t really mean it. Now, when the altcoins diversion is about to end, they feel miserable.

  7. Qvesos


    Trucker hat, board shorts, tank tops, du-rags, socks with sandals, turtlenecks in the middle of summer and yes, tattoos covering every square inch of my face and body

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