When the weekend begins and you check the price of your bitcoins again



  1. BlondFaith


    Check out what happened in July 2014 as we could be in a similar part of the pattern. If so, expect a sharp drop after the whales dump around 7 or 8 grand. I predict $3k and for it to stay there for at least a year before the next bubble.

    My ‘conspiracy theory’ hunch however is that Bitfinex is artificially pumping the price somehow to build up a war chest. Whatever the reason, look at July 2014.

  2. Anandgarg007


    Yes bitcoin is bullish again I think it will touch 7k dollars for now than possible can have retracements as history says before consensus by Coindesk bitcoin always increases the drop during and after consensus, let’s see where it goes but yeah we have 5800 solid support for now.

  3. cooriah


    I made a donation to this man approximately a year ago to a wallet Andreas Antonopoulos setup for him. He emptied it before my donation. I’ve been watching that wallet’s balance since my donation. He’s never come back to it. I guess he’s still on the beach somewhere living the dream.

  4. jelmerius


    Two possible reasons for this rise in price:

    – Dropgold campaign by Barry Silbert’s company

    – Fidelity platform will trade top 10 crypto’s in near future

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