New Product – Create your own Alternative Reality Lessons

Hi all,

We have been working on this web based product for some months now, which we are calling eurecaStudio™️. We really believe that it has a tremendous potential to fast-pace learning. We are doing a limited release of alpha version on May 15. eurecaStudio has a complementary app too on AppStore, (we will expand to include all others gradually) so that the content created in Augmented Reality can be consumed.
As excited as I am, I was wondering whether someone might be interested in checking it out from this community. There is this Google Form so that we can pre-authorise you on the release day. Expression of Interest – eurecaStudio™️ Alpha Launch

Please let me know if this is not the right forum, as I read the rules and found none of them flouted with my post. Thanks much for reading.

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