All exchanges should implement a friendly-reminder popup when they click anything with the word “bitcoin”. This will avoid confusion for newcomers.


  1. DropaLog


    Legacy financial institutions could learn from this too.

    **Friendly Reminder**

    There are numerous fiat-assets that have the word “Dollar”.

    To avoid confusion and accidental selection, please view the

    information below to assist you with with selection.

    * United States Dollar (USD): The real actual dollar, it’s the one you want.

    * Australian Dollar (AUD): Drop bear money. Be careful.

    * Canadian Dollar (CAD): A.K.A. Worthless North Mexican Dollar.

    * Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD, ZWN, ZWR): See Canadian Dollar.

    [ ] I don’t need a reminder anymore. I know the difference.

  2. how hard would it be for exchanges to remove shit bitcoins until they rebrand, as this is obviously bad for adoption?

    the sign doesnt explain that they are not interoperable and in fact implies that the 2018 is the newer better model, which is really really bad

  3. juddylovespizza


    You forget the detail about Bitcoin (BTC) being totally manipulated to be some off-chain shitcoin, which is exactly why this is a bad and biased idea. Glad it doesn’t exist

  4. xuan135


    I don’t think exchanges should take a stance on which forks they deem to be forks people should know about. Why I say this is because I have more respect for Bitcoin gold and diamond (even though I know close to nothing about them) than I have for BSV. Also bitcoin gold is ranked #25, why should BSV ranked #14 get attention and not the 25th ranked coin, and then the same argument on #41 which is bitcoin diamond.

  5. SuttonX


    No they shouldn’t. We get enough bullshit to click through as is.

    I don’t know why society today always wants to coddle people and try to protect them from themselves.

  6. sejcore


    Great idea. But I feel as though new comers will further be confused by the word “Fork” and may need additional clarification on that matter.

  7. frnky


    All right. The three currencies are already identified differently on all exchanges that list them. Moreover, names are most commonly replaced by abbreviations, none of which include the word “Bitcoin” in the first place.

    So, I don’t see any new information that the newcomer would receive from this reminder, other than the three dates. Even the use of the word “fork” won’t lead to anything but confusion for someone who can’t tell BTC from BCH. Heh, I myself don’t know what’s the difference between “was founded” and “surfaced” supposed to be.

    What accident is this message supposed to prevent, anyway?

  8. asazot


    Those coins have “bitcoin” in their names for that reason, to confuse newcomers and make them buy into these shitcoin.

    BTC is the ONLY Bitcoin.

  9. rdar1999


    Good call, include a remainder about the fees and waiting times as well, I mean in the same spirit of not making people lose money and waste time.

  10. lynkzo


    It’s important to inform newcomers about the difference in cryptocurrencies.

    But if they’d implement such a feature, with every new fork, there would have to be another row…

  11. SpellingMyAss


    It’s simple and effective. I love it.


    I had a friend tell me he was going to get home and up an account on an exchange. The next day, I get a call and literally said “uhhhhh… there is a few bitcoins, which one is it?” I told him the one that said BTC. His response was “okay, but why is there a few bitcoins? That makes no sense.” Because of that, till this day he never bought bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for that matter.

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