Elon Musk’s Starlink Could Bring Back Net Neutrality and Upend the Internet – The thousands of spacecrafts could power a new global network.


  1. kwereddit


    I don’t think any commentators have extrapolated this sufficiently. Consider that there are barely any laws in space. Now consider lots of Starlink servers in space, providing email, web, social, streaming and any other service you can imagine. All of the data in space. Completely free of national laws and regulations and completely free of surveillance (at the moment). This is revolutionary. And it could keep SpaceX completely busy for a decade of launches. What a pivot. What a unicorn.

  2. akc250


    Not to mention this would actually allow us to have good and fast internet on an airplane without having to pay a huge markup.

  3. bixtuelista


    Seems to me like fiber to small towers would be far more efficient use of bandwidth. Also are these going to be reflective, because a few satellites and ISS going by is kinda interesting, but thousands will feel like pollution.

  4. austinmiles


    I don’t trust any privately held network to bring back net neutrality. Maybe at first but the stock holders don’t like the idea of not making money where they can.

    We need this but owned by the people. Communication is a public works at this point.

  5. Kefflin


    This sub: Mark Zuckerberg is a terrible CEO who controls everything on facebook, it’s a public place, free speech, etc.

    Also this sub: Let’s give control of the whole internet access to another tech CEO, because that will definitely bring back net neutrality.

  6. Dajoky


    Based on the paper Delay is Not an Option: Low Latency Routing in Space (Mark Handley, University College London), that was covering some aspect of this satellite network, I would say that this project does not aim at solving the internet needs of the general population, but rather those of the low latency consumers (e.g. HF traders).
    I was curious about the network capacity numbers barely mentioned in the paper, as they don’t seem to be able to handle the content mostly concerned by net neutrality: Netflix & YouTube (probably representing 60+ % of the network capacity at peak time).
    It is still an exciting opportunity to build that complementary network, hoping it won’t amplify the space debris problem. I think Project Loon is actually more sustainable, even though it addresses different needs (Loon aimed at rural and hard to reach population, latency is not the issue in that case).

    (Full disclosure: former Netflix & current Google employee here, my views are not those of my employers)

  7. kenthefin


    This guy, ole Elon Musk. You know planned obsolescence exist, and that every major corporation uses that practice to keep themselves relevant. But ole Elon is like, **** that, we are gonna build GOOD ******* tech that works way better than anything on the market these days, be years ahead of the competition, and pave the way for humanity. I like this guy. He good guy. Keep paving Elon.

  8. borkthafork


    More satellites. This is cool and all, but it’s only a matter of time until something hits something else and we’re surrounded by an impenetrable forcefield of hyper debris.

  9. ajt9000


    How is it going to bring back net neutrality? Elon musk promising to uphold net neutrality without legislature means just as much as the CEO of comcast promising it. Its just a “oh look we solved your problem, it just costs a little bit more” but the problem wouldn’t exist if we demand our rights back.

  10. Honestly the most interesting thing I see is potentially what happens if someone in China or such is allowed to connect? Potential ways around the great firewall China has no ability to control.

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