Why asking Warren Buffett about crypto is like asking for a taxi driver’s view on Uber


  1. crypto-pirate


    but but bitcoins don’t produce anything!

    This guy didn’t invest in apple back in the 90s but only in 2016 at almost ATH i believe….LOL

    Had he bought some bitcoins in 2016 …oh boy….

  2. Tiny_Frog


    Do you think Warren Buffet talks down Bitcoin because a) he’s smart (and know it’s threatening) or b) he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

    I’ve read one of his books and would guess b). But it might also be a combination.

  3. Warren Buffett has reason to be against it for sure, but he is diversified across so many businesses that it would just be a transition for him. For one example, he owns Benjamin Moore paint which is a well known paint company. People still need to buy paint, whether they’re buying it in fiat or crypto.

    To Warren Buffett, whether he understands it or not, the current system is stable for him and working well for him. Crypto is just another flea to him, like a lawsuit that he probably experiences weekly, that he’d rather have nothing to do with.

    People generally oppose change, especially systemic change, when the current system is in their favor.

  4. RemingtonSnatch


    This. And I like Warren Buffet. He’s the first to admit how wrong he’s been on various investments (or non-investments) in the past. But people ask for his opinion and he’s happy to offer it, as flawed as it could be. Not gonna fault him for it, especially when this is a bit outside his wheelhouse (and frankly even if he understood it, this sort of investment isn’t really his thing…he buys companies).

  5. fep_aguilar


    He’s a genius and an old man. The nature is to step away from whatever any abstract topic related to technology.

    So Warren only see this as an asset, but he still does not understand the big impact it might have regarding human-kind in the future, that’s why he mentions “Bitcoin does not make sense, is only a number”, he does not understand all the things around blockchain.

  6. endlessinquiry


    Buffet does not do speculative investment. Period.

    He needs to be able to quantify the value of a company and its product.

    Can anyone quantify the value of bitcoin?

  7. Lejitz


    Buffett has a tested investment model that does not include many types of investments that have also proven profitable. Bitcoin is/was a radical idea that does not fit into his rigid model. Oh well. He’s passes on many great ideas because they don’t fit his narrow model.

    If he would have invested in Bitcoin at the time he originally dismissed it, he could have been much wealthier than he already is. But his model takes into account that he passes on a lot of opportunities that ultimately prove profitable.

    Buffett invests in cash-flow producing assets. Bitcoin is not. It is instead a cash-replacing asset. It is the first of its kind and, as should be expected, does not fit into any pre-existing business models.

  8. tajak


    Buffett is so rich in no small part because he has the ability to identify and remove his own biases from investment decisions. He is NOT against bitcoin because he’s biased, he’s against it because he doesn’t understand it. It’s really simple.

  9. rulesforrebels


    This is listed way too often we all know Warren doesnt like crypto hes old and admittedly doesnt invest in things he doesnt understand. It’s not a slam on crypto its Warren being warren

  10. zomgitsduke


    Buffet has a specific investment strategy. He buys things that provide value. He walked away from many things that had potential, because he plays it safe.

    His commentary is probably to address the fact that people say “But Warren, you’re supposed to be the BEST investor! You should have seen that payoff from a million miles away” even though it isn’t in his strategy.

    He speaks honestly. He sees no value in it. People here getting mad are ridiculous because one investor with a specific strategy doesn’t see value in BTC, so they get mad.

    Make your own investment decisions and see where life takes you. Don’t think you’ll be like Buffet simply by being like Buffet. If you follow in his path, you only strengthen his position by buying before the speculation.

  11. cecil_X


    He’s not fighting against Bitcoin, he just doesn’t understand it. Just like he didn’t understand the internet.

    Why you guys always have to see things as if it was a war between two factions?

  12. lazarus_free


    No, it is different is like asking a gardener about quantum physics. He may be good at gardening but have no idea of quantum physics. Buffett is the best at valuing and running businesses, but does not even like technology stocks because he does not understand those companies, let alone Bitcoin. So I don’t know why people assume that if you are good in one kind of investment you know about all, and that’s not the case. The opinion of any software programmer is worth 1000x more than Buffet’s opinion in this topic.

  13. Bitcoin_puzzler


    It is pretty sad that you can still talk with the best investor humans ever known. And then waste the time of him and you by asking him questions about bitcoin…

    I mean that man is crazy clever and experienced. You know his stand point on gold and bitcoin. So why even bother?

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