40% of Americans support antitrust action against Facebook after a cofounder called for it to be broken up


  1. mando44646


    Facebook isn’t a monopoly, or even close though.

    If anything, Comcast and Amazon should be companies targeted for breaking up first. Maybe Disney at this point

  2. DemonSaverson


    I don’t think facebook is the biggest problem as far as anti trust. But everyone hates them now so it’s a good place to start. First facebook, then hopefully Google, Amazon, the telecoms, media companies, and banks. A guy can dream.

  3. LucasOFF


    40% of Americans should stop using Facebook. You can’t just get a ban hammer and start fiddling with private companies, they might break even more. The responsibility about personal data etc is on users too, not just a company. If you post personal information and data online without reading T&Cs and also neglecting privacy and security options – this is totally your personal problem,. And yeah, I agree with some of the commentators below me that there isn’t a problem at all with Facebook since its not essential service but a private company.

  4. ImmortalizedMan


    Facebook wants this to happen, even Mark said he’s willing to work with government regulation. Once the government steps in and starts regulating the **** out of social media it will be damn near impossible for any other competitor to step in the ring and compete. These companies got so big because of lack of regulations and laws and now they want the door to close to kill off all competition. Regulations strangles off the competition.

  5. What does Facebook have a monopoly of?

    I understand when AT&T was broken up — they controlled the entire telephone system and wouldn’t let people connect anything except AT&T’s telephones to the lines.

    I understand why action was taken against Microsoft — you couldn’t buy a PC without having Windows pre-installed on it.

    But what does Facebook do that is so essential that the public needs to be protected from it being used by lots of people?

  6. garhent


    A better approach would be common sense laws on data privacy, portability with clear fines and jail time for executives and staff who break the law. Call it a Sorbanes Oxley for data. Require all companies to fully educate their employees and give their employees a tip line with one hell of a payout for when they are directed to break the law.

    I have a feeling if that was passed, Zuck would get life in prison in under 6 months with the **** he’d pull.

  7. Crazycatguy949



    >Obvious marketing company puts out obvious bait post

    >mass media eats it up


    Literally the state of “””””journalism””””” in America in this day and age. This is why we call you “fake news”

    btw I’m not saying people don’t want Facebook gone or broken up….I’m just questioning the journalistic integrity of Business Insider…or rather….lack thereof.

  8. Caraes_Naur


    The problem is their business model, not the company or their dominance. Breaking it up won’t solve it.

    To fix facebook, limit the collection, trade and sale of user data.

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