Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop – “You are no longer licensed to use the software,” Adobe told them.


  1. PDXdesign


    This is literally the reason I left Adobe after using it for 15+ years.

    It’s MY art, I own it. I’m not going to pay an extortion fee to access MY ART.

  2. StOoPiD_U


    **** Adobe, but **** licensing even more. Not owning the thing you pay for is such a bullshit move that should’ve never been allowed.

    Edit: Saw another user mention that the issue was third party companies being capable of taking legal action. Still stand by my **** Adobe as,like a different user noted, they’re fear mongering for the upgrade themselves.

  3. vomitHatSteve


    > “Unless Adobe has violated the terms of its licensing agreement by this sudden discontinuance of support for an earlier software version, which is unlikely, these impacted users have to just grin and bear it,” [Dylan Gilbert, a copyright expert with consumer group Public Knowledge] said

    Haven’t read the Adobe EULA in a while, but I’m pretty sure that revoking the license with no prior notice in the absence of infringement by the end user *is* a violation of that agreement. They usually require some period of notice before they can terminate it.

  4. fishkey


    This is why licensing software and the move to subscription licenses is complete BS. If I purchase a software, I should be able to use that version indefinitely while hardware still supports the technology. Utter bullshit. It is 100% abusive business practices.


    Edit: Woah this comment blew up, think it’s my most upvoted comment ever, so thanks. Just for clarity, I use PS exclusively professionally, and I am not allowed to pay (says my company) for it using grant money because it’s now considered a ‘service’ and not a ‘product’. This means I can’t formally pay for it through work, even though its 100% used for work. It’s absolutely BS.

  5. TAU_equals_2PI


    # WAIT! Adobe didn’t say they were the company that was going to sue you:

    >“Please be aware that should you continue to use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement **by third parties**.”

    Apparently some other companies’ products were included as components in those old versions of Photoshop. Adobe doesn’t care if you continue using them. They’re just warning that those third party companies (Dolby is mentioned in the article) might sue you.

  6. two_off


    I wanted to edit some photos and decided to give their Cloud subscription a chance. I saw two options – month-to-month and yearly plans. Since I only had a small collection of photos to play around with, I knew i wouldn’t need more than a month. So I ordered it, did my editing, then called to cancel it.

    Funny thing about cancelling your month-to-month plan, is that it’s actually a yearly plan that the buyer is choosing to pay a higher cost for by doing monthly payments instead of a single lump-sum payment at the start. So to cancel, I had to pay off the full year at a higher rate than just getting the full-year plan.

    I ended up jumping through a lot of hoops and talking to a lot of different customer service teams to eventually get a *wonderful discount* of only paying for 6 months at the premium monthly rate.

    Better deals for graphics software have come along and I’ve moved on from ever trusting Adobe. (Watch for when they have software bundles.)

  7. unibrow4o9


    So people are taking this the wrong way. They’re being sued by a third party over software (flash I think). I’m guessing that older version of flash uses technology that the third party developed and are claiming Adobe no longer has the rights to. So Adobe is saying Hey, stop using this or you might get sued by said third party as well.

  8. Slummish


    If business gets its way, one day in a hundred years, everything you possess is going to be on subscription… Glad I’ll be dead. I refuse to rent clothing and pets.

    “Sorry, we’ve patented that cotton. Please scroll down the shirt and read the EULA tag.”

  9. MadEarthTheory


    I still have Macromedia flash so what you gonna do do do. But seriously though, this is like saying you cant play you playstation 1 games anymore. Get ****** you capitalist POSs

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