Cryptopia is in liquidation


  1. Fuyuki_Wataru


    About a year ago they were bragging that they were making $1.000.000 per day.

    Either they were full of ****, or probably, they can’t handle ****. If you make 1 MIl per day and can’t put money aside for hacks like these, you deserve to get your business shut down. Sad for customers. Only the strongest exchange will survive in the end though. Just use GDAX and Kraken. Don’t even think about using Binance.

  2. cr0ft


    Cryptopia was never that great, but when they demonstrated epic incompetence at holding on to the customer’s money, this was the only sane outcome.

  3. denob


    Goddam that’s almost half my holdings gone like that 🙁 only a grand worth of coins but that was gonna help me out.. Was so convenient as an NZ resident back when they had NZ bank deposits. Had also met with the founders a few times at uni events so trusted em. What a damn shame

  4. Robo-Odin


    What bugs me the most was the “DON’T PANIC” sign on the maintenance page. I knew something was up. In the weeks leading up to the hack I managed to trade my way from .05 to .2btc. Hack happens and somehow most of my coins are still there. One of my biggest holdings was an early trading pair. Couldn’t withdraw so decided to trade and even managed to grow it to a value of .3btc. Once withdraws opened everyone mass sold lowering value to almost nothing. I didn’t get out because I thought there was plenty of time. No notification or rumblings of a dying site. Things seemed good. I’m pretty salty. This is now my 4th exchange to die or be hacked. Each time taking most of my trading crypto. Leaving me to have to start over. I am now just assuming any exchange will be gone within the week.

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