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  1. SteinyBoy


    Tbh everyone here, just like they did during the bull run, has the memory of a goldfish. Guarantee the next time there’s a big drop people are gonna freak out and panic. If you believe in blockchain, diversified between alts and btc and have a time frame of 10-30 years and as long as you take profits along the way you will be fine

  2. park_injured


    BNB was 0.0043 SATs just a week ago, and 0.0048 SATs a week before that. It went down to 0.0028 (which is -35% from its ATH ratio) and is now recovering. I think the huge pump is from people trying to get in at low SATs before this thing explodes back up to 0.0040+. The Binance hack hit BNB the hardest because it’s Binance’s coin and people panicked about Binance.

    If you’re smart, you wanna get in now.

  3. WhatTheFaceSwap


    The other day I was watching a nature documentary. They had a part where they focused on some monkeys, and one of the monkey’s anus was literally blown tf out, like it was just a mound of anal tissue wadded together and protruding from the monkeys backend.

    The monkey was sitting on this wad of ******* like a cushion while he was chilling on a tree. In my mind I was thinking that the mound of tissue would be extremely sensitive and prone to scarring and infection from sitting on the rugged surface of the tree bark. But then it hit me – this tissue is acclimated, adjusted and toughened against nature.

    This is the spirit of Bitcoin. I would say right now Bitcoin would behave in a similar fashion – it’s able to withstand the cruel surface of the tree bark (dips, selling, etc), because it has become resiliently strengthened like the monkeys ******* (hodling, adoption, etc).

    This is truly an exciting time for bitcoin, if we can push through to 10k+, I would say bitcoin can transform and rise from that of the monkeys *******, to say, a monkeys paw – which is good for many wishes! (10x, 20x, etc.)

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