I just bought a Pen. On Amazon. With BITCOIN.


  1. jeriho


    Bitcoin is the future, with the current development speed we could see it overtaking fiat in a few years.

    My estimate is that anyone who owns more than 1BTC will be the new crypto-l33t.

  2. spaceshipguitar


    Question. If you want a refund, do you get a bitcoin refund? Or a cash refund? Do they refund the exact amount, or the value of present day bitcoin (assuming the value changed in a week since you bought it?

  3. rekkktttt


    You can buy Amazon gift card codes with BTC instantly using bitpay (along with countless other types of gift cards). Not really the same as “buying with bitcoin” on amazon but it works great, you don’t get ripped off on the price, and it’s instant.

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