Netflix Saves Our Kids From Up To 400 Hours of Commercials a Year


  1. My daughter was over at the grandparents with us and they had started a movie for her while we cooked dinner. She came running into the kitchen screaming, “It’s broken! The movie is broken… it went away!”

    Turns out she’d never seen a commercial before.

  2. crashorbit


    Surprising how little toyification we see for Netflix original kids programming. Even for the reboots. Both Voltron and She Ra searches only find the “classic” toys.

  3. thesafeworkone


    The article says kids 2-5 watch 1600 hours of TV a year? This is the craziest thing about the article. How can the ‘average’ kid be allowed to sit and veg for that much time every day

  4. Wife and I were talking about this. Our kids have no idea what the “must-have” toys are. They are 6 and 7 and still love Pokémon stuffed animals.

    I remember a bunch of toy commercials from my youth… “cross fire!” Comes to mind when I think of memorable toy jingles.

  5. Xeeroy


    So without Netflix, kids are subjected to well over an hour of advertisements a day? When did this become okay?

    I’m telling you guys, if I made the rules, it would be completely illegal to advertise anything to anyone under 15. If you want kids to wear your dumb shoes or play with the newest toy craze, you gotta go through their parents.

    Also ads in public places wouldn’t be a thing anymore. Only PSA and art installations.

    OFC people would still be free to advertise whatever they want on their own property. Your house your rules.

    But screw invasive ads that tries to grab your attention by force instead of by being interesting. That would be over immediately as well.

  6. Hullabalooga


    Not just our kids. I did research for months and bought a new car last summer – but I’ll be damned if I still don’t see at least 5 car ads a day online.

  7. intoon


    It’s amazing how quickly marketing works on kids. Anytime we watch regular TV, the kids will get sucked into whatever is being sold to them. “MOM, DID YOU SEE THIS CEREAL THAT HAS CHOCOLATE INSIDE THE CEREAL?! WE HAVE TO GET IT “

  8. sheepsleepdeep


    I’ve already heard from friends in ad sales that they are prepping for Netflix’s imminent introduction of a lower priced service that is subsidized with ads for outside companies. Like Amazon’s cheap Kindle’s. This wasn’t some people talking about “what if”- they were actively lining up clients for this.

    Netflix’s burn rate is $400 for every $1 revenue lift, they need to find a way to slow that down: Ad sales and price increases.

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