Bitcoin will be $9200 in July. This guy predicted the april price in January. Let’s hope he is right for July.


  1. Montj197


    Hey guys listen to me ,i am a random guy on the internet who throws darts in open air blindfolded.
    So invest your money where i say.
    Profit for every one ! Yay!

  2. At this rate, BTC could be 9200 tomorrow. I’m not a TA expert though. In fact, everytime I look at a chart, half my face sags and I start smelling burnt hair. There’s no way it takes until July to get to 9200, but I could be wrong. As a wise man once said, “The price is definitely going to go up, or it’s definitely going to go down.”

  3. adamzzz8



    Another day, another crypto charlatan having all the answers about the future.



    >!They’ve all been dead wrong so far.!<

  4. martinkarolev


    Didn’t we just witness how hard to predict the crypto market is. I follow all the TA experts and not a single one was close to predicting the recent movements. Do not pay attention to small price changes, we are just at the very beginning of what is about to be the biggest bubble in the financial markets. Patience and persistence pays off.

  5. imp3order


    I’m kind of mad because I’m a college student and literally have no money to invest, though I’m confident I’d be profiting a substantial amount within the next few months. Why couldn’t what’s about to happen occur later in my 20’s?

    Sad Pepe.

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