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  1. thevoteaccount


    Trend for alts is that dedicated subs have rabid unrealistic supporters. In nano’s case their sub has really good tech discussion and daily barely gets any comments. But /r/cc gets so many moonboys. It’s fascinating and puzzling.

  2. whydoibet


    I think with the alt season in full effect.. there are alot of pump and dump groups pumping random coins on binance.. seen alot of coins moon out of nowhere and dip pretty fast. Becareful lads, dont jump into coins with already huge gains, most likely a trap!

  3. Maxdre


    Damn you know shits going down when we are back to over 500 posts on the daily. Well played boys. And congrats to everyone who was bold enough to hold through the bear market. Don’t forget this time around to take some profits when your up. Couple buddy’s who held from over 100k back down to 10. Keep your fingers crossed say a little prayer and let’s hope this is the start to something great!! Gg booooisss!

  4. Hillonthehill


    All of you people who are shilling Nano, is there actual very real moon potential or are you just hoping to grow your portfolio? I know there’s lots of memery and stuff going on here, but I’m not doing well financially lately and I’m hoping some crypto moon can help me out. For me picking the right coin / token is very important at the moment. Nano yes or no?

  5. Express99zz


    Many months ago I switched from Gemini to CBP. With all the craziness I decided to log in to my Gemini account to find I had 7.X ether I didn’t know about

  6. Crypto was the best thing that ever happened to me, went all in and dumped my life savings for the past two years, now I’ve just crossed 6 figures handedly right before my 22 birthday tomorrow. Maybe I can be financially independent by 30 thanks to crypto

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