Daily Discussion, May 16, 2019

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  1. ianandris


    Prediction courtesy of my ass: slightly bumpy ride up to 10k until Fidelity opens, quick spike to near ATH followed by a FOMO run to 50kish, then massive institutional grade profit taking, pushing the price down to 10k where it’ll wallow for the next few months until people start opening too many shorts again, causing whales and institutions to lick their chops.

    Or it’ll rocket to 80k in a straight shot. Or it’ll go sideways until the end of the year. Or Trump will bomb Iran causing turmoil in the broader markets triggering the Second Great Depression or possibly WW3 forcing people to look for uncorrelated safe haven assets like Bitcoin, meaning a bumpy ride to 300-500k. Or the Chinese tariffs will finally start kicking consumers in the teeth to similar effect sans WW3 with a lower ceiling of 200k.

  2. WhoseForgotten


    If prices holds we see something pullback around 7K, then skyrocket past the ATH of 19K.

    If we pass 9-10k, all bets are off and the train has left the station!

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