Elon Musk says SpaceX Starlink internet satellites will fund his Mars vision


  1. Phalex


    Wow. These satellites have a very low orbit. Around 500km. Geostationary satellites orbit at over 35 000Km.

    That actually gives pretty low latency as well. Although I am surprised they are able to keep them in orbit for as long as 5-7 years that close to the atmosphere. They have argon gas containers to adjust their orbit but it has to be a limited amount.

  2. happyscrappy


    Well, that’s too bad. Because the system is not going to make the money he thinks. That will mean his Mars missions suffer I guess.

    Oh wait. I see even he has realized it won’t do what he said it would do before. Now even he admits he can’t compete with ground-based solutions.

    Ho-hum. The classic Musk backslide. Nothing new here.

  3. They need to put them over developing countries with **** internet such as the Philippines . People there pay a lot for shitty slow internet and if musk could provide this for $60 to $100 a month it would change everyones lives there

  4. Great article, thanks! Each satellite will have about a terabit of bandwidth. This is enough to give service to a lot of people, but not enough to serve the nation. Put another way…

    > Musk said SpaceX does not think it is “going to be displacing” traditional, ground-based telecommunications networks with Starlink. Instead, he thinks the space-based network “will actually work well” with telecommunications companies because it reaches sparsely populated regions. While Starlink “has not signed up any customers,” Musk said SpaceX is talking to “possible strategic partners,” such as telecommunications companies.

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