San Francisco just banned facial-recognition technology


  1. Misleading title. They banned the police and other city governments from using real-time facial recognition. The local Target is free to use facial recognition on all video cameras in real time if they want to track you through the store. And police are still free to use forensic facial recognition (running a mugshot or video from a scene of a crime through facial recognition databases). It’s just police can’t take a live feed from a video camera and continuously check through recognition software to see if they get random hits.

  2. joho0


    And how do you enforce such a thing? Cameras are ubiquitous and facial recognition neural networks live in the cloud. So how does SF go about enforcing this ban? They can’t unless someone is stupid enough to admit it.

    Facial recognition is here to stay. Your privacy ends at your front door. Good day.

  3. m1el


    > the first in the United States to prohibit its government from using facial-recognition technology.

    This doesn’t bar Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. from doing facial recognition. Just sayin’

  4. It’s an oddity of this otherwise progressive city that it’s home to a strong Luddite population that simply hates “tech”. The same wing of the Board of Supervisors (who call themselves Progressive) regularly shoot down new housing developments in favor of preserving decades-old dying neighborhoods and businesses.

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