Good reminder that we’re still super early… 80% of college students asked whether they want $1 or 1 BTC Chose the Dollar



  1. NomenHicInserto


    Wow, that’s just stupid. I can totally understand that many people may not know what BTC is or how much it’s worth, but what I can’t get over is why anyone would choose a measly $1 bill over 1 unit of a different currency when $1 is practically worthless.

    For instance, if it had been me, and the offer was if I’d rather take $1 or £1 (and I didn’t know £1 was worth more than $1), I’d take the £1 just because it’s a foreign currency and it would cool to have foreign money. Even if it had been with a currency of lower value than the dollar (*and* I knew that)—for instance, a $1 bill and a ¥1 coin—I’d *still* take the ¥1 because the alternative is just an ordinary, measly dollar; whereas the ¥1, though worthless, could make a cool keepsake.

    I’d totally get it if the offer had been $100 or 1 BTC, but it was seriously just $1. Is my generation really that stupid?

  2. McClarenCrypto


    These are also the people that will run the world’s largest corporations and head the world’s largest government’s making decisions on behalf of investors and tax payers

  3. waldito


    I thought this would be a 2015 video. *checks date…* nope.

    Is this a college campus? just a highschool? Lord, the missinformation of the mass media is kind of working. I should buy more. and a boat.

  4. chovy


    Reminds me of the guy on youtube who was asking people if they would rather have a gold coin (worth $1400) or $10. Everytime they took the $10.

  5. localether


    Yesterday somebody posted something about ‘old’ people not getting Bitcoin. This is proof that age has nothing to do with it. Majority are just ignorant in all age groups.

  6. nithronium


    Please do not get me wrong but this doesn’t mean “we are still super early”. This means, people living in your country (I am assuming it is US) do not know (or do not care) about the Bitcoin as they either don’t understand the importance of the money or again, do not care about it.


    Look at the countries with high inflation rates, or trade bans. Majority of the people living in such countries have at least heard about the crypto, many also know the price if not exactly but like “so it hit 8K again huh?”. I am from Turkey and almost everyone around me, including people age over 40 with no technological knowledge knows that a BTC is worth a lot, and it is a digital money. Are they trusting the Bitcoin? Possibly not. Do they know that there is such thing and it is being used? Definitely yes.


    Revolutions doesn’t start at a place where everything is okay. Currently the US Dollar is strong worldwide. An American who is working and making money in US can simply take a plane to go wherever they want and can spend their money without any problem. Everyone is ready to accept dollar. Whereas, a Turkish citizen must convert the money to US Dollar or Euros if they want to spend it in some other country. People who are facing with problems in their lives because of money are actually looking for alternatives, and that’s why BTC price is higher in underdeveloped countries, compared to western civilizations.


    Do not expect such revolution to begin in a country where everyone is already kinda okay with the financial situation, making enough money and actually not caring about what is going on this world. The criminals (drug dealers, serial killers, deep web freaks) were the first ones to use, and first reason why many learned about the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in general. Other e-commerce websites didn’t need such payment method, because what they have were enough for them.

  7. LovesPenguins


    I’m too lazy to find the video but a guy asked people if they wanted like a 10 oz bar of pure silver or a Hershey’s chocolate bar and like 99.9% of people took the Hershey’s because it’s chocolate and you can eat chocolate. Wasn’t til the very end of the video someone took the silver bar. This is the society we live in.

  8. Limburg3rt


    Really fun to watch! Makes me feel good. Imagine how big btc and crypto sometimes looks, especially for most of us, following all the crypto news etcetera. There is a really strong base. But we have still a loooong way to go. What we see here is an idea of how much the value and appreciation of btc still can grow. We are still in the infant years. This makes me soo bullish.

  9. jon34560


    Over the years I have offered to give people bitcoin and only a few accepted. The ones that did were excited when the price went up but as far as I know never bought any more. Some people call me asking how to sell bitcoin for cash and that coincidently happened at the low periods. Interestingly the responses from people declining were, no, no way it’s used for drugs, why would I want bitcoin?

    A co worker once made a couple hundred dollar gain and promptly sold and used the money to take his girlfriend out for dinner.
    One person I know did buy more btc and kept it. He seems to be an exception.

  10. stevewilsony


    Anyone trying to stereotype crypto adoption as young vs old thing is using a worldview that will fail them. The vast majority of people, old or young, will stick with the mainstream system. People are sheep. I think the young adopt crypto at a greater rate out of necessity because they aren’t sitting on the fiat wealth of the older generations who have the luxury of ignoring new assets and not because the young are smarter.

  11. coin4coin


    Pretty grim situation. I would have thought most of the younger generation would have had a better understanding of what Bitcoin is.

    You’re right! We are far from mass adoption.

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