Broadband Monopolies Are Acting Like Old Phone Monopolies. Good Thing Solutions to That Problem Already Exist



  1. russianbot_


    Now, only if reddit cared about tech and social media monopolies…

    But “they’re a private business, they can do whatever they want”, right? And aren’t ISPs?

  2. gfyp


    Broadband providers have fought long and hard to ensure action won’t be taken against them. I wish the EFF luck. They’re fighting the good fight.

  3. RacieLinx


    This is all just ridiculous. If these companies offered good service (meaning your internet, phone, etc..) at a fair price and had no hidden fees or “pay by the gig” charges, this could all be so easy. They would still make tons of money. We, the consumers, would be happier.

    Also, the price of a phone is ASTOUNDING. It drastically needs to be toned down. Nobody should be on the hook to any company for 2 years and 2 grand just to have a phone that’s already old tech the week after you buy it.

  4. baconator81


    There is one key difference though, old phone monopolies didn’t have to compete against wireless, but broadband kind of does with 5G on the horizon.

  5. dnew


    It’s kind of weird that so few people understand that AT&T’s monopoly was government-required (hence, the “Final Judgement” in 1934). It was necessary to make the analog cross-country network work. It was taken apart when MCI invented digital microwave long-distance links (Hence the “Modified Final Judgement” of 1984 that was basically the opposite of the “Final Judgement). Heck, there were even lawsuits where AT&T sued other companies for infringing on it’s Federally-mandated monopoly and won. (That lawsuit with MCI? AT&T was the *plaintiff*.)

    Everyone acts like AT&T was some evil monopoly strangling competition with malicious intent, rather than a company complying with federal judge’s orders to maintain a network.

    That said, yeah, nowadays we don’t need monopoly communication networks just to get the technology working.

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