closed my account for 5k and demanded to withdraw my funds, but the withdrawal is blocked. Support ignores requests for help.


On May 2, I received a letter from as follows:«Upon careful review, we believe your account has engaged in prohibited use in violation of our Terms of Service and we regret to inform you that we can no longer provide you with access to our service. We respectfully request that you follow the on-screen instructions presented when you log into your Coinbase account to send any remaining balance offsite to an external address.».

Screenshot of account lock email:

I was surprised by this letter because I did not use Coinbase often. I turned to the support asking what my actions Coinbase considers to be wrong, but I received the answer that Coinbase is not obliged to explain its actions. Then I decided to withdraw my funds from the Coinbase platform in accordance with the requirements in the letter. But it is not possible to withdraw funds from the account since the withdrawal is blocked. The system offered to contact support. In support, more than 10 letters were sent asking for help in unlocking the output and fulfilling the requirements of Coinbase itself. On the first letter there was an answer what to appoint the responsible officer who will deal with my problem. All subsequent letters that I sent from May 2 to May 23 were ignored. Now I receive notifications about the closure of my calls, but at the same time I cannot withdraw funds.

For recent letters, support for even the answers did not send a full ignore.

In connection with these actions of Coinbase, I have a personal opinion that Coinbase is not going to return my funds to me. I warn everyone who has Coinbase accounts about the fraudulent activities of this site. Having a Coinbase account runs the risk of:

  1. Your account can be blocked at any time for no reason.
  2. Coinbase support does not work and will not help you.

I have already seen threads created by other reddit forum users about Coinbase fraudulent activities. I ask everyone to pay attention to this so as not to get into the same situation as me.

I will continue to post information on all resources available to me about Coinbase activity.

Screenshots from the locked cabinet:

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  1. pen_gween


    They also have no-nos about Sex Work in general. I get some payments in crypto for selling my videos/cam time in BTC and coinbase is a huge NO in our community. There are also reports of banks like Bank of america closing down accounts since FOSTA/SESTA got into action in the USA.


    So don’t try buying nudes with coinbase, guys.

  2. konidias


    I was dumb to leave my money on Coinbase and at one point someone obtained access to my e-mail and was trying to get access to my Coinbase account… going as far as trying to create a fake ID to get my 2FA changed. So I took precautions and contacted Coinbase to say that someone had breached my e-mail account but that I secured it, and to just be on alert for someone to attempt to claim they are me and trying to change my 2FA.


    So what does Coinbase do? Locks my account completely. I contact them saying “no, I just wanted you to be vigilant if someone contacts you in the near future claiming to be me and wanting to change my 2FA”. It took me weeks of e-mailing back and forth and showing my ID and providing account details in order for them to unlock my account that I never asked them to lock.


    You can bet I transferred every last bit of money I had on Coinbase to a hardware wallet shortly after that.

  3. Placebo17


    Coinbase is trash. What suspicious activity? Transferring bitcoin to a gambling site or any other site they think it demeans their company? That’s bs if you ask me. Bitcoin wouldn’t even be around if it weren’t for silk road and sportsbetting.

  4. iHateJimbo


    Coinbase CS is a nightmare to begin with. Buys were disabled on my account randomly. I checked all of the reasons they listed as to why it could have happened in their support FAQ and none of them applied to me.

    I reached out to CS (over a week ago now) and still, I’ve only recieved generic emails sent by bots telling me that someone is going to contact me about it. If they had 5k of mine locked down, I’d expect to get it back some time in 2025 if at all.

    Sorry this happened to you OP.

  5. KruncH


    Yep. Been trying to contact support for several weeks due to withdrawal problem and get nothing back. It’s like a ghost town over there.

  6. christhepissed


    Just wanted to say first and foremost that you shouldn’t trust any exchange, no matter how popular, with your crypto. Beyond that, with the introduction of negative interest rates and “bail-ins”, you shouldn’t trust any banks or credit unions, either.

    With that all said, Coinbase will do what it is required by law for whatever jurisdiction you’re in, and when you cross borders (even as arbitrary as a city/county line) the laws can change. Most of the time you won’t get hit on actions alone, but reports from someone claiming authority over you.

    I can attest to this because when my crypto journey started back in the day it was simply to play poker online, and I had used Coinbase for in and off ramps. Nowadays if I use it I move it right away, but I still know there’s a risk and try to stagger amounts.

    Finally, if you want to do something against Coinbase’s Tos, just use another exchange. There are several available now.

  7. GethD4d


    Remember, Bitcoin and many other cryptos post transactions on a public ledger. So if one address is found to have done illegal activities all you need to do is search that Bitcoin wallets address to see all the others it interacted with.

  8. max0x7ba


    Coinbase is extremely dodgy, don’t use them.

    I bought bitcoins in the past through Coinbase, funding it with bank wire transfers. When later I sold bitcoins and wanted to transfer my money back into my bank account, my Coinbase account suddenly became “unverified”, despite my numerous bank deposits, so that I couldn’t withdraw my money. I had to buy bitcoins back, transfer to another exchange, sell them there and transfer money back into my bank account.

    Coinbase responded to my emails 4 weeks later, saying that it was an error on their side.

    The representative asked me whether I was happy with the resolution. I asked them to refund me the transaction costs which I incurred due to their fault. They stopped replying to my emails.

    **** them.

  9. whalecheetah


    They have a phone number, you need to call them about the withdrawal. 2nd you need to get a ledger but until then you can either open an account at Kraken or generate an electrum wallet

  10. Exxe2502


    Coinbase banned me too with no explanation..I followed all the rules.. struggled for months to get a response..moved to who always reply within 24 hours.

  11. KingSwank


    They reference FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which regulates money laundering and other suspicious activities.

    Not accusing you of anything, and if you were in fact doing something along those lines of suspicion, obviously don’t talk about it here, but it sounds like they suspected you of suspicious activities and are locking your funds for investigation.

  12. BigBlackHungGuy


    I dont think Coinbase wants to ‘steal’ your money.

    Something flagged this. A SAR report means they dont have to tell you (by law). Your transactions and financial inputs and outputs are most likely being checked.

    Source: Dumbass friend of mine was using his CB wallet to buy **** on the dark web. His account was locked.

  13. Etherdamus


    File a complaint with the CFPB, if you are in the US. Coinbase would be required to respond within 15 days.

    This is the biggest reason I can’t wait for TD Ameritrade to start crypto trading. You can have a million dollars in coinbase but not a single person to talk to over the phone. You can not have a single penny in TD Ameritrade and still call them 24/7.

  14. anon516


    After all the damn warnings that have been posted here about Coinbase being total trash, and that NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR COINS, it’s really getting ridiculous how people refuse to listen.

    I am beginning to be thankful for these kinds reports and glad that people are losing their money, because I’m sick of people refusing to listen.


  15. zomgitsduke


    So, not saying you did something illegal, but Coinbase DOES track where your coins go after they send them to you.

    Could you have sent BTC to someone who may have done something suspicious? Gambling sites are a big no-no for Coinbase. They don’t want to touch that stuff, so they police their users who immediately transfer the BTC to sites like that.

  16. GenleyJorge


    I too, am really curious about what you did or what is unique about your situation. And it’s not so I can judge you, it’s so we all can know what is really going on. People, including myself, will be far more likely to help if we feel you’re not hiding something.

  17. shadowrun456


    Obligatory: not supporting them, just explaining how the law works.

    Most likely they filed a [SAR]( (suspicious activity report) regarding your account, which means that they are legally obligated to **not** (directly or indirectly) give you any hint about it, meaning they cannot reply or give any information to you (if you do receive a reply, it will most likely be a very non-specific “empty” reply).

  18. lazarus_free


    Guys you should start using exchanges only to buy and sell Bitcoin. Do not leave it there. And when you buy and sell do it in small quantities and always from and to the hardware wallet immediately after. If you do it this way whenever they want to confiscate they will just be able to reach a minimal part of your Bitcoin. Leaving all your Bitcoin in an exchange renders the “uncensorable” qualities of Bitcoin useless.

    Not your keys not your Bitcoin.

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