A bank in Liechtenstein grew it’s traffic by 900%, after start selling cryptocurrencies.


  1. Raverrevolution


    Lol, I just looked up Liechtenstein, because I had no idea what it was, and this bank must be the only bank in the entire country. LOL the entire country is 62 sq miles.

  2. TotesMessenger


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  3. Vertigo722


    Good for them, but its kind of bizarre we are cheering this on. It means rich people are using a trusted third party custodial financial solution governed by banking laws to manage their wealth. What does this have to do with crypto again?

  4. ethlong


    “Furthermore, customers will not be required to have their own cryptocurrency wallet and will regularly receive reports on their cryptocurrency holdings from the bank.”

    As always guys, don’t leave your crypto anywhere where there’s a risk of losing it.

    Lose control of the keys, lose control of your wealth.

  5. Toyake


    >the bank made a statement claiming that they nearly doubled their total profits from 2016 to 2017, rising from $3.2 Million to **$6.3 Million. **Also at that time, the institution was responsible for the management of **$3.8 Billion** of client assets.

    >As can be seen in the figure below, organic traffic to the bank’s website was relatively low before they started to become involved in cryptocurrencies, never exceeding 200 and normally staying around 120 impressions from July 2015 to the end of 2017. Once the bank began to make it known that they were going to become involved with cryptocurrencies, traffic to their website and their exposure began to shoot through the roof, **reaching a peak of around 1250 impressions per month.**

    So a tiny bank got a little bigger.

  6. vioqamlj


    “bank started offering its professional trader and financial consultant customers the option of purchasing different cryptocurrencies”

    My respect to you random Liechtenstein bank may more follow your path

  7. sdblro



    The first companies that opens their gates for crypto are the ones that will benefit the most from the market growth.

    That’s the kind of news that can attract more companies into crypto

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