America’s renewable energy capacity is now greater than coal


  1. Lucid_Day_Naps


    I’m glad to see that we’re moving away from coal. However, if WWII taught us anything, it’s that the country that has oil in good supply will win the war. Had the Japanese fighter planes destroyed the oil reserves in Hawaii, we would have never been able to enter the war across the Pacific. While I think it will take many decades before we replace oil in terms of national defense, it’s great to see that coal will be replaced much sooner than anticipated. No more coal, no more black lung for coal miners, life threatening accidents at mines and reduction of our carbon dioxide footprint.

  2. lemonickous


    Noob question-
    What is preventing this capacity from being activated for use and what can consumers do to help?

    If it mainly lack of food mass storage like battery farms?

    Is it that we haven’t figured out how to optimally integrate with coal without a massive restructuring?

  3. whattothewhonow


    If the author of this article isn’t taking capacity factor into account, then the conclusions are imaginary and everyone’s time is being wasted.

    Compare actual watt hours produced or shut up. Comparing nameplate capacity between wind and solar and everything else is like comparing apples to oranges to labradoodles

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