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  1. DJ_in_AK


    The sane person in me knows that Bitcoin not mooning for a few more years is the best thing that could happen to me. I believe in it, right? So more time before moon = more time to DCA.

    The dopamine addict in me, well, THAT me is refreshing charts at a cyclic rate, praying to gods that don’t exist, waiting for that big, juicy green dildo.


  2. shaobaka


    Hey guys, don’t know how many times this has been posted if at all, but I wanted to introduce you guys to Pi Network. It’s a new digital currency launched just this year and gaining users pretty quickly. You can google ‘mine pi’ for details or find their app in the store.

    At the current beta stage, you need an invitation code to join. Please feel free to use mine (btccoin) to join 🙂

  3. Damn, did anyone see that million dollar wall on binance at 8400.00? 115 BTC just got absolutely swallowed. I suppose it could be the same entity swing trading itself. But if not, then bullish as fuck.

    Edit: 8004.00 not 8400

  4. Everytime it makes a run toward $8k and falls back down I just can’t help but feel like it’s gonna tumble back down to $6k…this action every couple days is making me nervous as fuck.

  5. ohsupgurl


    People are looking at EQL but the real movement is VRA


    Edit: I love how I’m being downvoted. Coin is up 100% in the last 2-3 days with significantly more volume and will be listed on Binance Dex 6/25 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Been away from the tradingview “ideas” section for a while, but I usually like to frequent it to see what folks reaction will be to recent price action based on popular ideas. Appearently a lot of folks seemed to think we’d be taking the 4H descending trading channel that manifested a few days ago to the 7k-7.2k range in the near future. [That channel has been invalidated](https://www.tradingview.com/x/X3QAKui9/), which could be perceived as bullish in the short term, in terms of hype.

    The bearish case: as you can see, BTC’s most recent 4H candles are being squeezed between [support along the 50 MA and resistance on the 200 MA](https://www.tradingview.com/x/VBv64I3d/) with a short term time frame death cross *(opposite of a golden cross)* manifesting, which is something we haven’t seen on the 4H since [mid January](https://www.tradingview.com/x/nBfQ4ylY/). Bulls are going to need some significant volume to overcome this, as most of the time when we got death crosses on the 4H in the ’15-’17 run [we saw significant corrections.](https://www.tradingview.com/x/i3chN1vA/)

    When it comes to assessing volume and money flow, the BitUniverse portfolio app provides some decent stats that I have been using since I started trading, and they have been great for temp checks. I like checking Bitmex because of margin trades and Binance because it has the highest legit volume. To help in assessing trend momentum I usually stick to the [24h and 3D time frames.](https://imgur.com/a/MzE9oQT) Although big and mid sized buy orders have outpaced sells up to this point, this trend has been stagnating in recent days, and especially in recent hours. This points to overall indecision, and as indicators wax bearish, we could see inflow change direction all together.

    I say all this to say I will be treading carefully from here and tightening my stops. If we do see a bounce over the 200 MA and over the ichi cloud it could lead to the bullish price action [I’ve previously described](https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/byr4vy/daily_discussion_june_10_2019_gmt0/eqq43r0/). The other hand is getting more bearish by the 4H candle. Stay safe out there…

  7. phrequency86


    Shit’s gettin’ crazy. I had to sit down and figure out all the exchanges that I might have had money in. The potential list was quite long. Anyone else been there?

  8. 92foxcoupe


    Welcome to the r/shitcoinpumpchaser sub. Have a seat and read the sub rules and disclaimer. r/shitcoinpumpchaser makes no guaranee for the material contained herein. Chasing shitcoin pumps may result in:

    1. Chronic stress
    2. Irritabilty
    3. Sexual side dffect
    4. Headaches and nausea
    5. Living in a van down by the river
    6. In rare cases living financially independently.

    You’ve been warned. Enjoy!

  9. GItPirate


    EQL binance Dex July 4.

    You bet your ass I bought some today.

    Volume growing, still super low market cap

    You’re welcome.

    Bring on the down votes. Idgaf

  10. bolebuns


    Matic broke a pretty established uptrend line on the 4h, so there was a lot of technical selling. But that’s about enough, ok. Way oversold here.

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