Facial recognition data collected by U.S. customs agency stolen by hackers


  1. mitharas


    So, is there any option to sue the **** out of whoever gave critical private data away? IMHO someone has to bleed for this, or it will continue until kingdom come.

  2. dean_syndrome


    As a kid, government: “don’t tell anyone your social security number or let them have a copy of your passport”

    Now, government: “hey, the guys I gave your social security number and passport information to let everyone else have it. Umm, sucks to be you”

    First equifax gets hacked, now this.

  3. mkie23


    Curious what they can do with such data exactly? With the exception of your phone I don’t see how the facial recognition data could do harm you in anyway if nothing they used facial recognition…

  4. Yangoose


    IT security is a joke and will continue to be a joke until there are consequences for data breaches that cost more money than proper security does.

  5. I have mixed emotions; on one hand, they never invest in enough security when they make money from invading our privacy and tracking us, on the other hand, is the data in worse hands when hackers get it than it was when the corp/gov jackboots have it?

    Like, if there might be someone out there who can now track people in power and law enforcement because we know they turn the cameras off when they abuse power.

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