On One-Year Anniversary of Net Neutrality Repeal, Over 100 Groups Demand McConnell Immediately Allow Vote on Save the Internet Act: “With voters from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly united in support of an open internet, it’s only a matter of time before net neutrality is restored.”


  1. kma628


    I must be such a noob. Qualitatively, what is the friggin difference?

    The net is still pumping jizz, news, what have you. Is there an ELI5 out there that explains what Net Neutered is?

  2. This is why I don’t want to see Biden as the Democratic nominee. Beside the Net Neutrality issue, having his hand in the pockets of Comcast and sending the FBI to New Zealand to arrest Kim Dotcom just because Comcast asked him to…

    Dotcom is a piece of ****, no doubt. But he’s not a US citizen and he didn’t reside in the US. The whole military style raid on him and his family was totally out of line and I lay all of the blame on Biden.

  3. I hate these politically charged titles for legislation. Often they represent the exact opposite of their title. Patriot Act was the first best example that comes to mind. What the hell is patriotic about spying on American citizens that haven’t committed a crime? Affordable Care Act was the second that came to mind, seeing as no one got to keep their current healthcare plan and prices have continued and accelerated in their meteoric rise.

    I suspect this Save The Internet Act will prove to be beneficial only to the corporate tech establishment, and we’ll all get to pay more for a shittier product.

  4. isatrap


    I wish Net Neutrality would come back but at this point it’s a pipe dream and you would be silly to believe that a majority of those politicians pockets aren’t lined with companies who want net neutrality to remain gone.

  5. Amyfckingj_


    Politics aside, McConnell’s face actually looks like a deflated thanksgiving turkey that has been left out on the counter for waaayy too long and is starting to crust.

  6. TekOg


    No Chin Flabby Skin Predator McConnell doesn’t care . If it’s not effecting his re election neg or pos. He doesn’t give a shyt.

    If his big donor’s want it dead , NetNeu. dies. Simple as that .. the scumbag has no Morals. His allegiance is to $$$$ ..

  7. tehcheez


    If you’ve ever lived in Kentucky you know there’s almost nothing about this state to dislike except for this God damn turtle man.

    Trust me, we’re trying to get rid of him, but everyone over the age of 40 thinks he’s just the best thing to walk this Earth since Jesus and they will camp out at the damn polls to vote for him.

  8. bobofartt


    I can’t wait for Mitch McConnell to die. Part of me hopes for him to have a heart attack or something, but the other part of me hopes that he has to deal with an incredibly long term, debilitating and unbelievably painful disease, that saddles him with such outstanding suffering and misery that he didn’t even know such an existence was possible. Removing his ability to do anything in public and removing both his physical and mental faculties from him entirely, to the point that he greets and leaves every day with a soiled diaper, wheezing, unable to move, and begging for the end of his horrible disease.


  9. f1del1us


    If McConnell reverses his stance on this, I will LITERALLY eat my shoe. Not a ******* chance in hell this guy actually wants what the people want.

  10. fotonik


    This title and writing is incredibly misleading, you had to go halfway down the article to actually see McConnell is still dead set on killing the legislation

  11. TheAb5traktion


    I think the dumbest reason for overturning policies is because it was the previous president’s policy. It shows very little regard about why the policies were put into place and how the policy is good/bad for the people. It seemed that the overwhelming majority of people, no matter what side of the political spectrum they were, wanted to keep Net Neutrality. But the main reason it was repealed was because it was ‘an Obama-era policy’. How dumb.

  12. i_demand_cats


    does anybody have the actual text of the bill or a summary of whats actually in it? in my mind calling something the “save the _ act” and not providing any info about what it does screams fuckery. i cant support something just based on the fact that the title sounds nice.

  13. effenel


    It’s only a matter of time before Cocaine Mitch parks his literal conservative bus in the house. More blocks than a dyslectic watchmaker

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