Tesla says solar roof is on its third iteration, currently installing in 8 states


  1. ctudor


    i would be curious to see the comparative specs of there 3 generations. after all this is a technological products so similar to how intel or amd showoff their new gen compared their last products would have been nice to have a similar presentation.

  2. Vinto47


    I had solar panels installed last year through the NYSERDA program. I don’t remember what exactly the rep from the program said about Tesla panels, but it was something to the effect that if we sold our house we’d have to get the buyers to also buy the Tesla contract because (IIRC) they sort of become a middleman electric company.

    We ended up going with conventional panels and a conventional loan. Every NY resident should look into that program, we generated more electricity than we used last year total and it’s the best program the state has had in over 10 years.

  3. Are you guys still buying this bullshit? lol The acquisition of SolarCity was pure and outright fraud. The business was going bankrupt, and it was owned by Musk, and his family. He turned their soon to be worthless solarcity stock into extremely valuable Tesla stock.

    Acquiring this joke of a company was in no way in the best interest of Tesla. It was outright blatant fraud.

    Ohh and btw, Solar City in itself was also basically a scam. The company lied it’s ass off about the cost, and power generation of the systems it installed. Ohh and they were leasing the installations, which means that they’re the ones that collected the substantial govt subsidies.

    PS: From an engineering standpoint, the whole solar shingle thing is a scam. It’s at best decorative. The systems would only produce a fraction of the power of a regular installation, and they fail far quicker. Ohh and they cost far far more than a regular installation. There’s no way in hell this system would ever pay for itself.

  4. JafafaHots


    At the Tesla factory in Buffalo workers are anonymously saying production is pretty much non-existent and Tesla’s actually renting out part of the factory to Samsung or someone like that.

  5. IamTheGorf


    We got quotes for it for the house we are building. The cost was insane! We got leg humped about how the overall cost of ownership was lower and incentives and tax credits blah blah blah. Listen Tesla sales twat – I have X dollars to spend in my budget. I’m not going to spend $150K of it on your damn roof when a regular roof is going to cost me $40K. I literally DONT HAVE THE MONEY.

  6. stark2


    I think Musk’s underlying business strategy must be something like, ‘will it be useful on Mars’. electric cars, boring machines, solar panels etc.

  7. Earptastic


    solar dude here. solar shingles have existed before and these are not that complex and generally a boutique item. Get standard solar panels and save money.

    [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zunHya-0EQY) is a video that was sent to fire departments so they could see how to respond to fires in houses with solar shingles. Once they start chopping up the roof you can see how simple they are. Pretty cool video and it was my first look at what they were.

    I was actually impressed with how simple they are, but still don’t understand what the big deal is and why they are so expensive. Tesla/Solar City is a pretty shitty solar company too.

  8. ironinside


    just to be clear, this is the model x p100d of roofing. price isnt the main driver to the customer at the moment.

    the volume comes when he rolls out the model 3 roof —which he undoubtedly will. give it a few years.

  9. canadianleroy


    Elon, if you are listening I am a huge proponent of these and will happily have them installed in my house outside of Toronto.

    Honestly, I’d talk the **** out of them…please feel free to use my house as a showpiece

  10. Chriskdx


    I know Tesla isn’t a perfect company but I feel they should be getting some serious government subsidies. If we can throw truck loads at a company like GM we should be helping a company that is truly innovative. Elon Musk maybe a little over ambitious at times but ambition and innovation is how you change the world.

  11. Dzugavili


    >and that this version is very exciting to him because it offers a chance of being at cost parity with an equivalent entry-level cheap traditional tile, when you include the cost of utilities you’d be saving by generating your own power instead.

    The problem is that it is still a roof with a higher upfront cost. That’s kind of the inverse of the usual financing incentive, so unless it’s also a superior product overall, it’s not really enough to spur wide replacement.

    But hey, every step counts. Getting closer.

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